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03-12-2009, 07:19 AM
So, I recently came back to wow, I have a 80 paladin, priest and warrior. The warrior been in around ilevel 200gear for both prot and DPS gear, while my paladin and priest are in pretty shit poor gear.

I'm finding it really hard to find a guild, firstly with my raid times been only been able to raid from 20:00+ that gives me a limited number of guilds to look for, the guilds that I applied for don't seem to value the quality of application and experiance, not even offering to give me a trial on the fact my gear isnt ''upto the raids they are raiding'' I find that comment totally stupid, its all entry level content plus Sarth 3d, GC said they didn't expect it to be cleared till Ulduar gear.

So my plus points,
I can actually play.
I have high arena experiance, 2000+ rating in 2's and 3's as a priest.
I cleared naxxramas at 60 as a protection warrior playing as MT and OT.
I cleared everything till black temple, pre-nerf inc bear ZA.
My raid experiance in sunwell is lacking, though I have cleared Sarth 10 and heroic with no drakes, VoA 10 and heroic and half of naxxramas heroic, i don't see what else I can do in the experiance point of view without a guild.
I am confident and can talk on vent
I can have almost 100% attendence.

On my two applications so far I have stressed my skill, my experiance and my knowledge of the game, yet they seem to be to concerned about the gear, with a few members noting how important my experiance and skill is to my ability to my playability then theres some jackasses that seem to not have a clue..

Anyhow, the problem I have with the gear, its all fully enchanted and gemmed to 100% the best and most suitable. I'm looking for a stable raiding guild thats on Sarth 1d/2d+ not some scrub guild that will dispand after a week or two or will fail on heigan. Noted I am a frustrated hardcore raider.


TL:DR does anyone have any ideas were I can search for guilds? I tried the wow forums and realm forums but they just seem ''Meh'' clunky and stupid to search through, any help would be greatly appriciated!


03-12-2009, 07:31 AM
Guilds being concerned about your gear are guilds you don't want to be in. With your experience, and assuming you can play, the gear is an easy fix - 1 or 2 weeks getting "carried" (which even is a stretch considering you're in ilevel 200s) and you'll have most of it replaced.

Case in point, in BC a guild on my server was looking for a prot warrior for BT/Sunwell. I was in T5 gear but play my class well. I got an invite to a BT trial run, out-threat their in-guild T6 tanks on Gorefiend from my T5/badge gear, and got a ginvite. I got a lot of T6 gear that run as well, and within a week or two was tanking Sunwell.

In my experience, good guilds realize gear is something that helps good players play better, bad guilds rely on gear as a crutch to get them over the threshold.

03-12-2009, 07:37 AM
if you put a post up on the recruitment section of the forums here, i guarantee you'll get some responses :)

Guild Recruitment - TankSpot (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f94/)

03-12-2009, 07:39 AM
Thats very good to hear, I was worried about having a crazy idea of what guilds wanted. But thats encouraged me to keep looking, thanks alot!

Plus I agree with gear, a naxx , sarth, VoA on normal and heroic could easily fix my gear to a acceptable level.

Now just to keep looking. :)

EDIT: Thanks haladir, was lazy and didn't read the rules untill today, just went with the flow of only guilds posting. Will check that out!

03-12-2009, 09:39 AM
I always wondered this same thing, I even feared not being able to find a guild.

I chanced upon my current guild, which I really enjoy (very like minded, fun core group), in a Sarth25 man group. I offtanked everything admirably for my first time in the fights (knowing the fights is a big +++) and left a message with the raid leader saying anytime you need a tank, you let me know.

I then saw a LFG tank for heroics, recognizing one of the names as a holy paladin in the Sarth25 group. Joined in, ran 4-5 guild heroics in a row with no casualities, 2 months later here I am. One of the 3 most skilled/geared MTs, DPS and now with my priest coming through the ranks.

TLDR: Sometimes it just takes chance to find the correct group of like minded people doing a guild PUG

03-30-2009, 12:33 PM
So I joined a guild, in thoery they had everything I wanted.. I was in for 3 weeks or so, raid times perfect, etc.. But in reality it wasn't like that..
Half of another guild had just joined them due to the fact alot of players left.
The skill level was really poor,
Loot council was bullshit..

Meh, but atleast I geared my self up and easier to find another guild now, I guess...
On the search again, on a plus side I did experiance all content in WOTLK now and cleared it apart from Sarth+3d's