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03-10-2009, 09:30 PM
Man Versus Pixel (http://www.manversuspixel.com/) is looking for a few good men with ambition to Ulduar!

0x Death Knight (CLOSED)
1x Paladin (Holy)
2x Mage
2x Hunter
2x Rogue
0x Warlock (CLOSED)
3x Priest (1 Holy, 2 Face Melters; be comfortable healing as well as dps)
2x Druid (Chicken & Tree)
0x Warrior (CLOSED)
3x Shaman (All specs needed)

Raid Schedule is Wednesday-Thursday 8:00PM-Midnight EST; Invites start at 7:30PM

We use a Loot council system.
Note: Don't cry, seriously. We've had enough drama crap with loot distrubution bull.

● Gear relevant to current progression.
● Experience relevant to current progression.
● Majority raid attendance; we don't care if you're not there just don't miss it EVERY STUPID TIME.
● Ability to be proactive: read up on strategy's, farm consumables, pay repairs, and don't cry.

Visit Our Website (http://www.manversuspixel.com) and read over our guild information.

If you think you're not a idiot failure and would be a good fit please drop an application.

Get with Timilnu, Detente or Erod in game for a chat or if you have questions.


03-11-2009, 08:49 AM