View Full Version : H-PvE <Elysium> Looking for Raiders, 7:30 CST

03-10-2009, 08:17 AM
Guild Info:

<Elysium> of Ravencrest (PVE-CST)

Website: Home (http://www.elysiumrc.com)

Schedule: 25 mans on Saturdays and Mondays plus one other night. 10 mans when we feel like it
All raids start at 7:30 server (8:30 EST)

Progress: All bosses dead, working on Sarth+2.

Why join Elysium?

Elysium is a smaller guild of players on a *very* small server. We are the (largest) part of a raiding alliance (PWRS) of 3 guilds on ravencrest. We value character and maturity over purple pixels. That does not mean that we accept underperformance from our raiders though. We lead 3 PWRS 25 man raids per week and usually 1-2 10 man nights per week.

About PWRS:

PWRS stands for "People who Raid Sometimes". It is a longstanding alliance of 3 medium core guilds on ravencrest. We have considered folding the 3 guilds and establishing one large one, but most of us are very happy with the multi-guild tag arrangement, as it allows different atmospheres and groups of friends to stay in their smaller guilds. It also fosters greater competition and encourages better performance. We've been raiding together through all of TBC and WotLK, and have downed all heroic WotLK bosses. We are acknowledged on our Realm forums with all the other normal guilds, and we were the 4th horde group on ravencrest to clear all bosses.

What are we looking for?

Ravencrest is a small server. As such, it is a more challenging environment. The AH economy is rough at times, and your reputation will follow you from guild to guild if you cause problems. If you are interested in an extra challenge, This might be the place for you.

We are specifically recruiting ranged dps and healers. We will consider melee dps and non-warrior tanks if you feel you are exceptional. Hybrids are expected to be able to fill multiple roles, especially once dual speccing is available. We are currently filling raids, but we could use a few people to bolster our ranks before Ulduar hits.