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03-09-2009, 10:31 AM
Hey guys,

After the recruitment officer in my guild left, I find myself in charge of recruitment. Problem is, we're just not seeing much in the way of applicants (we've had one guy in the past couple weeks apply, who was pretty bad). I'm trying the usual methods (realm forum post, trade chat), but have had no success there.

Our name is getting out there, because several of the officers are fond of pugging whatever raids we don't do as a guild, and are excellent players. So that is surely helping some, but I'm wondering: what more can we do to pull people in? We have a very solid 10-man, but we just don't have enough people to push into 25-man, and the alliance we've tried so far was a big letdown.

How do other officers go above and beyond forum posts and trade chat spam? Am I just going to have to accept that since this is a big expansion (we need at least 10 members yet, maybe more), it's going to take some time?

03-09-2009, 11:59 AM
Pug your 25s. Frustrating? Yes. Will you wipe due to shitty players? Absolutely. But it shows new players how you do things, and seeing this firsthand gives them the best insight into your raids that they can get. We did it, and it was a struggle at first, but now we have a full guild crew running them, after founding this guild at the end of November 2008.

03-09-2009, 12:28 PM
Couldn't agree more. Blind recruiting, or using armory etc. can't tell you what you really want to know. Is this person a decent player, a good fit for my raid, and someone who is going to show up reliably and try to get it done? You can only determine that by bringing them to a raid and checking them out.

04-07-2009, 11:43 PM
i started my guild by inviting anyone and everyone i could find, just to get the name of the guild out there.

of course, we quickly developed a reputation of fail, but by that time, i had already conned a few good, steady, trustworthy people into joining and promoted them to officers. ;p

eventually, we did what has been since referred to as "the purge," removing inactive and unskilled raiders and started taking new members by application via our guild forums only. this adds the bonus of ensuring all of our guild members are in fact registered and aware of our forums to enhance communication.

our process goes something like this: an applicant fills out our questionaire, and an officer will agree to investigate the applicant, one will be assigned to, or the applicant will attend one of our regular weekly tryouts.

we've done much of our recruiting via Trade and our Realm Forum, although the returns from these media are not frequently high in quality. that's why investigating applicants becomes important.

no matter what, we follow-up with all of our applicants. we don't chase anyone down to let them know they've been rejected, but out of respect for the applicants' time and interest in our guild, we'll always give some kind of responsive reply and usually in a timely manner.

04-08-2009, 12:31 AM
My guild was kind of riding the edge of 25 man content due to not quite having enough geared members.

We decided to create a Guild Sponsored run where we pugged in enough people to fill out the raid (imba checks done of course). After a couple weeks, many of the people who we were bringing into raids regularly (usually only bringing back the people who were performing and demostrated raid awareness as well as a certain friendly social dynamic with our current members) were asking for guild invites.

At a point about half way thru the 25 Semi (i call it semi because we had almost entirely returning pugs at that point) pug runs we kind of dropped a seed every raid. Simply stating that this run was very soon going to become an entirely in guild run and that if people wanted to continue to run in this raid group that they would have to join the guild.

We have always had a policy of only inviting people who have a reccomendation from a current member (sponsorship), and we have never posted a guild recruit message on trade.

Prior and since we went to in guild raids, we have had many of those pugged raid members join us. Also the guild referal policy has usually netted at least one and often many more people being reffered by people who have joined us.

Its really reached a snowball effect. Each person who has enjoyed seeing content that they otherwise have not been able to see wants thier close friends to experience the same. As a result of this we now have well over 100 level 80's and usually a minimum of 40 online at raid time.

Now for this to really work you really need a very diplomatic GM and a very good raid leader who will be able to present the guild in a very good light during those raids that presents an atmosphere that they dont have in thier current guild. I am very fortunate to have a rocking raid leader who is able to sum up a fight in a very short time that creates a very clear picture of what each fight is all about.

Ok. I'm tired and rambling, but to sum it up. Introduce people to the environment of your guild thru raiding, Present your guild in the best light possible while doing it, Gently (and i stress gently) let them know that this raid at some point will be going to an entirely in guild raid, And above all else. Do Not try to build your ranks thru trade chat spams.

No matter how well worded a trade chat guild recruit post is. It still comes off as a desperate attempt by a loser guild to try and bump themselves to the next level. And as a result you will end up getting applications by people that you probably dont want in your guild.

04-10-2009, 08:29 AM
No matter how well worded a trade chat guild recruit post is. It still comes off as a desperate attempt by a loser guild to try and bump themselves to the next level. And as a result you will end up getting applications by people that you probably dont want in your guild.

Quoted for truth... Don't recruit from /trade, it's a bad idea.

04-10-2009, 08:30 AM
I believe nearly every guild on my server recruits through /2 its a normal thing to see, doesn't come off as despirate as long as you don't spam it more than once a minute.

04-27-2009, 08:22 PM
We've currently grown from a 10 man only guild to a 25 man guild. I've personally recruited most of the members. We did all the usual stuff.. Recruitment post on realm forums, mmochampion, worldofraids, recruitment forum, spamming trade-chat etc.

It wasn't working out.

So I started whispering people in-game. Every day for a couple of weeks I spent on average maybe 2 hours on this. It's a lot of work but it gives a great return. What we did was decide on what we we needed in an officer meeting and then I started whispering.

I first do /who mage 80 and set it to display guilds. I then check what people have guilds and who doesn't. If a player doesnt have a guild I tab out to firefox were i have www.quickarmory.com open. I then check their gear - if they're in mostly naxx10/25 epics I send them a whisper. I always use the same pattern when I whisper people:

/w X Hey there, noticed that you don't have a guild at the moment. We're currently recruiting more members for 25 man Naxxramas / Ulduar.
/w X Would you be interested?

Having "Would you be interested" on a new line is, i found, very important. I assume that it looks too automated otherwise. If I like the player I'm talking to I send the quickarmory link over IRC to other officers and they give their input. I then /ginvite them for a 1 month+ trial. When I'm unsure about someone I ask them to fill out the application form on our website, I do the same with the people that seem to be idiots. Usually they don't bother even filling out the application and it's an easy way to end the conversation.

What results have these given though?

6 Applications today
4 Applications yesterday

April 21-24 I didn't whisper anyone and we only did tradespam. We then averaged 1 application per day.