View Full Version : [A][US-Azuremyst-PVE] Lost Souls

03-09-2009, 10:22 AM
Are you interested in an adult raiding guild that has a lot of fun spending time together while getting through the end-game content? Lost Souls is currently looking for more members to progress into 25 man content. We have cleared Naxx 10, OS 10 & 25 and have cleared 3 wings in 25 man Naxx.. We raid 3 nights a week. Thursday 745pm, Friday 7pm & Sat 3pm. Below are what we are looking for as far as classes go and you can find out more info about us on our website which is Lost Souls of Azuremyst (http://www.lostsoulsguild.guildomatic.com)

1 Tank: Prefer a Druid but any tank will do.
2 Healers: Prefer a Resto Shammy but any healer will do
2 Mages
2 DPS Shammies
1 Boomkin
1 Ret Pally
1 Shadow Priest

If the raid times work for you and you are one of these classes please go to the website and submit an application.