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As most of you know SetCVar("targetNearestDistance", 5) was a function that made the /targetenemy (Tab) function get the range of 5 yards instead of 40. Thus targeting the mobs you were actually tanking instead of the some mobs that weren't even in the fight in the other side of the room.
This was well used among warriors for:
/script SetCVar("targetNearestDistance", 5)
/cast [nostance:2] Defensive Stance
/castrandom Devastate(Rank 5), revenge
/cast !Cleave
/script SetCVar("targetNearestDistance", 40)

Which basicly was rotated in between TC's and Shockwaves to deal out agro on all the mobs surronding you evenly (for those lazy ppl that want to aoe tank by just using your scrollbutton)

However, in the 3.0.2 Ptr this API change was made so the function do not exist.
So how do we bring back our beloved macro?
This is what we have to work with:
Configuration Variables
* NEW - max = GetCVarAbsoluteMax("cvar")
* NEW - min = GetCVarAbsoluteMin("min")
* NEW - value = GetCVarBool("cvar") - Returns the value of the cvar as 1 or nil instead of requiring you to compare the cvar value with "0" or "1"
* NEW - name, defaultValue, serverStoredAccountWide, serverStoredPerCharacter = GetCVarInfo("cvar")
* NEW - max = GetCVarMax("cvar")
* NEW - min = GetCVarMin("cvar")
(World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> 3.0.2 Actual API Changes (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=10043170854&sid=1))

So now you're like :eek:, but hold on, hopefully someone a bit more experienced with programming than us might solve this problem.

So the reason for this thread is to work around the API change and rekindle the lazyman-aoetank-macro.

Hit Me
03-09-2009, 10:03 AM
I think that thread bump was a calculated move on Kiel's part to make Earthmon feel Satrina's wrath.