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03-08-2009, 10:23 AM
Well I think I need to improve a little bit so im asking for some critique and expertise from many of the pro warrior tanks out there =]. My spec is kind of interesting, it sort of maximizes my dps as well as being able to tank. Please tell me what you think of it (Crit Tank?). Also any changes to my gear or gems or enchants or anything, anything would be useful :D.


The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Detheroc&n=Mortayst)

03-08-2009, 02:17 PM
my thoughts.

You do not have the gear to maximize anything yet outside of survivability. Even if you DID have the gear, which you don't you clearly do not understand how to maximize DPS, or crit.

Helm: Fine

Neck: Fine

Shoulders: I understand you need to be in naxx to get purple shoulders, however you do not need to be in naxx to get the right enchants on them. your screaming Im poor, and new (or i would have gotten exhaulted with aldor/scryer) go get some sons of hodir quests in. While your at it, go pug a naxx run and get some shoulders.

back: go geta new back before you waste that much money on 16 def over 12 or whatever the MGT drop titanweave or whatever it was.

bracers: you can some one ELSES badge bracers off the AH these days. Probably would have the cash to do it, if you were doing your Hodir dailies, and not blowing money on 16D to bad backs.

Weapon: Fine, though a weapon chain isnt even as good as mongoose IMO, and neither are as good as accuracy mr. Rich Boy.

Shield: Fine.

Gun: Great gun, but the gem slot screams your ***EDIT*** Broke the rules***EDIT***. Perhaps at one point you needed that defense, but again Mr. Rich boy you HP says 4Stam gem will help you out A LOT more. and a "dps prot spec" as you claim to be making here, says 8expertise + 12 stam would also get you the 6 stam bonus your completely ignoring like you were color blind, or stuck in BC.

Dodge does NOT maximize DPS or crit, not does it compensate for you having only 25K HP.

and Blue crit trinkets, that say "I have not run enough heroics to get the purple one" suck. go get an HP trinket, and a Badge crit trinket. Heroic Azjol-Nerub here you come.

Rings: one of them is a great ring. the other is blue, theres a better one from like..Old kingdon or something. another one from 25man badges, another from JC'ing (its BoE) and plenty of choice to make the fundamentals of your set worth having before you start tinkering it into something else.........

Feet: Fine. 18 stam is a patch, 22 is the enchant, your being cheap, and NEITHER of those is as good for a warrior as tuskarrs vitality for the improved run speed AND stam. Oh, and a DPS set would have icewalker in it. not some LW patch.

Legs: Good legs, BAD gems and a cheap leg armor. Set bonus? and they make a better leg armor than that. thats just money...

Belt: Fine.

Gloves: Good gloves, but a 12 stam patch isnt even a 18 stam patch, much less an expertise enchant.

your spec is disgusting, its like you just ignored every single bit of solid information available here, and decided to just forgo jerks like me posting bad about you in an effort to learn like a masochist instad of some one with a brain in there skull.

Go look up Tombrokeoff on the armory to see a more NORMAL spec for high DPS /TPS.

youve completely ignored armored to the teeth, and tried to compensate for it with anger management. as it sits your hurting your groups, and your reputation.


Go max your professions because you wont be so broke.

Go respec. NOW.

Be a tank FIRST then a DPS. you dont even have the tank down yet.

Heroics, and sons of hodir are your friend.

I am not your friend.