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03-07-2009, 03:25 AM
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Infraction: Whining
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Relax, PTR is still in development.

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Blizzard announcing everything isn't a very viable solution.

From a development standpoint they simply can't go into every detail.

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Blizzard's devs should discuss changes with their customers before posting this shit and saying in a polite -round about way- "it's just a ptr, it might not make it live! besides you pay for server access, not for a game you like, so either keep paying or piss off! theirs the cancel subscription!"
..got side tracked.
In myopinion they need to stop the whole "we have plans k?" and talk about where they want to head with classes IN DETAIL rather than jumping ahead and changing skills/talents unpredicatbly like a newb running into random mobs.

*see Death Knight tank/howling blasts new cooldown*

p.s. 3.1 goes live...... go dps death knight seeing as we won't be tanks anymore?