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This is very confusing to me and i have yet found a reasonable explanation of why when i equip jawbone in MH i got more dps than Betrayer of Humanity in MH.
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Take a look at the damage different, how is it possibly that jawbone has 20more top end dps than betrayer of humanity. I am using my jawbone in MH right now because of that reason but people call me "stupid", plz input on why is it like that if you know plz.

You have no idea what you are talking about. You are getting a higher topend damage than BoH, but you are not getting a higher dps. To get the dps you have to divide the damage by a unit of time. I'm going to prove you are stupid by using some math based on your numbers

BoH: 1542 - 1865, 3.14 speed
Jawbone: 1573 - 1886, 3.32 speed

BoH: [(1542 + 1865) / 2] / 3.14 = 542.5 dps
Jawbone: [(1573 + 1886) / 2] / 3.32 = 520.9 dps

BoH > Jawbone

Top end damage is not a dps stat to consider unless you are comparing weapon of exactly the same dps. Even then the difference between a slow weapon and a faster weapon is very small. The stats on the weapons are capable of offsetting the advantage of the slower weapon. You always MH the higher dps weapon.