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03-05-2009, 11:58 AM
We are currently have a raid slot available for a death knight tank

Please apply via our website http://www.wow-theusualsuspects.com/Forum/...opic.php?t=3713 (http://www.wow-theusualsuspects.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=3713)

These are our basic requirements:

A mature attitude. We are a guild of grown-ups. If you are a young person (say below the age of 20), it does not mean you cannot join, it just means you will have a bit of extra work cut out to convince us that you have the required maturity.

A good knowledge of your class and game mechanics in general. You do not have to be a theorycrafter with a university degree in math or statistics, but you know your class extremely well - either through years of experience, dedicated research or just being an intelligent individual in general. We are not going to teach you how to play your class. We also expect you to have a good knowledge of other classes, as we believe this makes for better players.

You play a class, not a spec. This doesn't mean you will be asked to respec constantly - but it means you will respec for the good of the raid if it's needed, and that you try to keep gear sets for your offspecs, as well as a working knowledge of how to play them. This is especially important if you play a hybrid such as a paladin, shaman, priest, druid or warrior.

You are self-motivated and understand the importance of being prepared. You come to raids with the requisite consumables, you work on gearing up your character outside raiding as well as your schedule permits, and you read up on encounters (including trash mobs) beforehand. You are expected to participate in post-raid analysis, as well always striving to improve as a player.

The ability to communicate in proper English. We understand there are many players who do not have English as their first language, and we do not require you to be able to communicate in perfect grammar and spelling. But we do not want leetspeak, extreme use of abbreviations and similar - and especially not if English is your first language. All these are waived of course, if it's part of a sarcastic joke or similar.

Reliability and loyalty. It is extremely important when we begin raiding, that you are able to post when you are not available to raid, as well beforehand as possible. Respect your fellow guild members and the time they put into game, and do not leaving them hanging with no warning. We do have a specific attendance demand of at least 3/5, we do expect you to keep a pretty constant attendance, so that we can plan from it.

We do not want drama queens, lootwhores, nor people who are verbally abusive or have anger management issues. If you have a bad standing with the community of your current server, you will have to somehow convince us, that it is undeserved.

You have a good environmental awareness. You know how to not stand in the fire. Even if you have to heal/dps/tank and/or run around at the same time, you know to keep an eye out for "the fire" as well as an eye on your healthbar.

08-31-2009, 02:12 AM
Spot filled by the one and only Amsterdoomed. :D