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As xav put it:

Not reading. The point of the math was to figure out average damage taken when hit. only when hit. Someone disagreed that dk's took more damage per hit than warriors. It's been proven to be otherwise. (dk's take more damage per hit than warriors). PER HIT. We don't need more pages of spam when people aren't understanding the analysis of a simple damage-taken-per-hit explanation

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I know that Warriors don't block 100% of hits (I played one pre-WotLK). But you can't "not factor" block when you are factoring mitigation.

You also can't "not factor" avoidance when you talking about damage taken when you do not factor in cooldowns.

We're not talking about damage taken overall, we're talking about damage taken when you are hit.

No. We're talking about damage taken by tanks when they're not using their cooldowns. That's all. I have no idea where you're getting the idea that this means only hits that land on the tank.

We're not talking about stripping cooldowns AND avoidance, and seeing what happens when you just have hits that land. That information is absolutely worthless, because avoidance is always going to be there. You can choose not to use cooldowns. You can't choose not to parry and dodge or be missed, because those happen naturally.

But if a Warrior's average Block is 2000 damage, and avoid 65% of hits, and have 22% of blocks, that means that they don't block around 40% of their hits, and do block around 60%, so the -average hit- is reduced by 2/3 of that. Now, average, is what you get when you add a few numbers and divide them by the number of hits involved.

There is no way a warrior is blocking 22% of all attacks and having 65% avoidance. Maybe with shield block, but that's a cooldown.

Maybe 50% of all attacks and 22% block chance, but then you have to change your math. Then you plug in the DK comparison of 70%+ hits being avoided, and we'll see who received the less damage. My money is on the DK.