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And again, you failed to read the first post entirely. Namely the part where specific CDs for DKs are mentioned to not all be attainable.

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Btw if you want to make a proper comparison between cooldown situation stop treating DKs as 1 class who can spec 51/51/51. Treat it as 3 different classes depending on spec.

If you are to compare frost DK vs warrior cooldowns on PTR for instance:

Frost DK:

Lichborne (3min) - 25% chance for physical attacks to miss
IBF (1min) - physical and magical damage reduction.
Unbreakable armor (1min) - flat physical damage reduction based on armor, ~1400 on PTR.
Death pact - 40% heal (5min CD on ghould needed)
Anti-Magic Shell (45s) - 75% reduced magic damage


Shield wall (90s?) - physical and magical damage reduction.
Last Stand (1.5min glyphed) - 30% increased max hp, useful against both physical and magical damage.
Shield block (40s) - flat physical damage reduction based on block value
Enraged regeneration (3min) - 30% hot
Spell Reflect (6s) - Reflects next spell (only works on few boss spells unfortunately)

This looks quite different than the OP. A comparison like this gives a more realistic view. DK should be balanced in each individual spec, not based on what a hypothetical 51/51/51 can do. Blood is probably OP in some scenarios atm, but I am not so sure frost is OP in any scenario however.