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There is no need to exclude paladin cooldowns from the list to make them look weak, they already beat warriors in everything that mattes: Health, mitigation, aoe threat, single target threat.

Shield block included but not Holy Shield? They do exactly the same in practice except holy shield also reflect alot damage. The comment: "Holy Shield is not included for its damage reduction function because it only reduces 5%-10% on bosses". Yeah but that is precisely what Unbreakable armor does, but it is weaker and scales worse, yet UBA is listed but not HS?

Mark of blood / Rune tap included but not Lay on Hands as a paladin cooldown? They are all self healing CDs, LoH can be used to heal others, as can MoB.

Hand of Salvation (cast on self with new glyph) / intervene+safeguard not listed. You can argue they got limited use because of their threat loss, but then again what tank wastes 1 point in Mark of Blood for tanking? It is a solo talent which is listed as a DK cooldown. HoS / Safeguard does have useful MT damage reducing effects (mini shield walls) at least which makes them potentionally useful in raids.

I find OP very biased in trying to make his/her own class looking weak and others overpowered.