View Full Version : [A] EU Recruiting to hit 25 mans only once a week

03-05-2009, 06:42 AM
<Slow and Steady> is an Alliance raiding guild on Frostwhisper EU, and we are currently a Malygos kill away from clearing all 10 man raid instances. We only raid once a week, Thursday nights, 2000 - 2400 server time.

We are shortly going to open our doors for new recruits to tackle 25 man content, which we aim to begin on 12th March. We're going to have the following spots up for grabs:


Melee Dps:


Ranged DPS:

To make your application, head to Slow and Steady - Home - WowStead (http://www.slowandsteady.wowstead.com) and click on RECRUITING, or talk to one of our officers ingame. Invites will be going out later in the week.

Here’s what we can offer:

1) We only raid once a week. Slow and Steady is designed for the time sensitive WoW fan – we want to see endgame content at the highest level, without having to devote three-and-upwards evenings a week to do so. We’re not a casual guild – we’re hardcore . . . for four hours a week. Thursday nights, 2000 – 2400 server time, as a matter of fact.

2) In order to keep this raiding schedule and not have to rerun farm content over and over again, we expect 90 -95% attendance for all of our members for the raiding night – we want as small a group of raiders possible (hoping for 30 raiding members, tops), so we can gear up much more efficiently.

Impress us with your epic gear if you want, but we’re more interested in the player than the gear – any recruits are going to be viewed as a long term investment, so we want people who are going to stay the course, be passionate about the idea behind the guild, and people who are going to show up regularly to support their teammates.

Here’s the Cliffnotes version of what we want from any applications:

1) Ability to attend 90-95% of our raids, which shall be every Thursday 2000 -2400 server time.

2) Ability to show up on time for raids, fully prepared to start raiding. By fully prepared we mean have your consumables ready and have at least a rough idea of how to tackle the content we’ll be hitting.

3) We want people we can have fun with! We want to tackle the raiding content seriously, but we play the game because it’s a game – the day it starts feeling like hard work is the day we should quit.

So here’s a call out to you working professionals, parents, conscientious students, hardcore players who want to raid with more than one character – if you were part of an amateur football team in your home town you’d be asked to turn up to practise for a few hours a week, not for every evening. Why should WoW be any different?

Cya in Icecrown . . .