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Not sure if anyone else has this problem. i noticed last night that i wasnt recieving rep for wearing a tabard when running heroics now b4 u say exalted i was wearing argent dawn tabard and am only honored i did turn off a bunch of adds as thats what i think is causing it only leaving on the bascics i like to use pitbull bartender4 recount. if anyone else has had the same problem could they let me no as i think i'm gonna have to drop one of my adds as i still had same problem after turning off most but the above. on a side note i think sme add stopped me buying exalted rep gear from vanguard alliance when i was exalted asked gm for help n he said turn off all adds so i did and it worked only problem is that i have no idea which add-on is causing the problem can only be one of a few. i'll trial n error but if someone does know which pls reply thx :)