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03-04-2009, 01:01 AM
The ORLY Factor

Server: Deathwing US - PvP
Server Time: Mountain Standard Time
Raid Days: Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday (Monday will be used once Ulduar is released.)
Raid Time: Invites at 6:30 MST. Raid from 7:00 - 11:00 MST.
Content Clear: All content on farm. Sarth +3 on 1/12/09.

Classes Needed: Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Tank of the non-DK persuasion

Who We Are
The ORLY Factor is very unique. The guild has been around since 4/20/06 (date intended) and has been one of the most fun guild experiences one can have ever since. Between amazing personalities, guild organized events and lotteries for thousands of gold, an active raid environment, and alcohol we have maintained a very tight knit community that everyone enjoys. And now we're looking for a few more to bolster our numbers before Ulduar.

What We Do
The guild has had everything on farm since the middle of January and is seeking to finish up the Heroic: Glory of the Raider achievement before 3.1 lands on public realms. We have a very small raiding core and like to keep it that way because no one likes to sit and we don't expect you to either!

Who You Should Be
The classes we are looking for are mage, warlock, hunter, and non-DK tank. We are looking for people that are competent, show a high level of raid preparedness, and maintain a very high level of attendance. We don't want to be elitists, that's not our thing, but if bringing 2 flasks, food, and showing up each raid day on time isn't something you can do please do not apply. You would not be happy with us and we would not be happy with you.

Please know what Elitist Jerks is and please utilize it. Know what a spreadsheet is (especially to those DPS classes) and put it to good use! You're brought to kill things as quickly as possible, know you can do your job well. And as much as doing your job is important, fitting into a small group such as ours is just as important. Swearing, drinking, smoking, and laughing are all very much encouraged. This is an adult group that loves to have fun, make sure something like that interests you!

Just a Little Bit More About Us
Well, that's what we're looking for so here's a little bit more about us if you're still reading. We are a small raiding guild that has been around for almost three years and been friends for much longer. There is one GM and 6 officers and two ranks of raiders as well as a large social rank for friends and family. Loot is handled on an EP/GP system which carries many similarities to a regular DKP system. There is no loot council. The guild covers all enchants to gear received inside organized raids as well as provides some potions when the need arises.

Non-Raiding Events
The ORLY Factor runs a special event every couple of months called the ORLYmpics which has been a huge hit. It's a chance to do a lot of random and fun things with all your guildies with a chance to win a lot of worthwhile prizes. Level 1 races, officer hide n' seek, Strath timed runs, swimming competitions, just a lot of fun stuff. On top of this multi-annual event is weekly retro-weekend runs where guildies will do instances like Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, etc. If you're an ALToholic the guild organizes ALT 25 man raids every Saturday to gear up our own mini-me's and meet new people on our server. Also, with a large social aspect to the guild, finding people for normal raids isn't too hard either!

If you're looking for a new home, please consider us. We want people that want to have fun and are looking for a guild to be with for a long time. If you know you can perform well week after week after week, we want to hear from you!

Please contact us on our website at www.ORLY-Factor.com (http://www.orly-factor.com/) or in-game to Nar, Etc, Dingly, or Gilgamessh on Deathwing.

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