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03-03-2009, 12:53 PM
Midsommer is Turalyon’s Danish horde endgame raidingguild.

Midsommer was created shortly before the release of WOTLK and with WOTLK raiding in focus. We have cleared all instances on ‘normal’ and about halfway through content on Heroic. We are currently doing weekly farm-raids to The Obsidian Sanctum, Naxxramas and Eye of Eternity. Only missing bosses by now are Thaddius, Sapphiron, Kel'Thuzad, Sartharion and Malygos.

Within the next month we plan on taking the final step towards pure Heroic raids by recruiting the last approximately 10 players. Right now we are 30 active raiders. Maybe you are one of the last members we need?

Weekly planned raids are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 19:45-22:45, Danish time. Of these we expect you to participate at least 2-3 times pr. week. Besides that we host raids on Saturday in some weeks, when content/progress admits or demands it.

The guild is for Danish speaking and Danish writing level 80 players only and we facilitate fully of the Danish language for as well voicechat during raids and for general guildchat.

The people behind Midsommer are me, Überwolf (GM), and Papamoo. The last 2½ years before Midsommer I have been guildmaster of another European guild on Turalyon (Unnatural Selection), which progressed from ZG up and through Mount Hyjal and Black Temple.

Our website and application-form can be found on: Midsommer (http://www.midsommer-guild.dk) - here is also all relevant information about application, rules etc. Of course we accept cross-server applications - hence this post.

You are very welcome to visit our website. We regard ourselves as a good, organized and serious raiding guild with a group of adult and nice people. We all agree that the Danish language has made raiding as well as heroic runs in WoW more fun for all of us.


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We are still recruiting for our 25m hc raiding group!

04-12-2009, 02:13 AM

Still looking for good and active Danish players who would like to raid 25m with us in Ulduar!