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03-03-2009, 02:44 AM
We are a drama free guild, and we hold our members and applicants to the utmost value. With that being said, we don't want any drama queens applying... if you are in this category, don't bother. We are free from DKP/ EPGP system. Normally we lootmaster to main specs. We do not over - recruit, so if you do apply, we expect you to be available on raid nights.

We are not incredibly hardcore during raid nights, but we expect you to follow our raiding policies in place, which are easily viewable on our guild site.

Anyone looking for a drama and pressure free environment is encouraged to inquire, however, we are currently only seeking DPS, with the exception of 1-2 Resto Shamans/ Druids to fill in 25 man spots.

We do not require you to have an extensive knowledge of all the content, however if you are in this category, we do expect you to do research on the encounters we will be running that night prior to the raid. However, the more experience the better, if you know what's going on in these encounters, you will have a good chance of becoming a core raider quickly.

Gearing is not a priority system. We use a 1 loot rotation unless others have passed. We do this to avoid any sort of drama that may erupt from systems such as EPGP and to balance the gearing of our members. If you don't like the system we use, we are not the guild for you, it is how we operate, and we don't plan to change it.

We have a wide age group (most are 21+) and as such we expect you to act like an adult and we expect you to not frown on an adult content ventrilo. We do not have a minimum age requirement so long as you can at least handle the aforementioned statement.

The only real requirement we have for raiders is Ventrilo or In-Game voice enabled. Any addons are at your own discretion.

I will edit periodically to change any available positions as needed.

Melee DPS:
Fury Warrior
Retribution Paladin (immediate opening)

Ranged DPS:
Elemental or Enhance Shaman
Shadow Priest


1 Resto Shaman (immediate opening)
1 Discipline Priest

10 Man Raid Times 7-10 PM EST, Tue, Fri,Sat
25 Man Raid Times (alliance with <Saints>) Wed, Sun 7-10 PM
Please note that this is our current raid schedule, most of us are quite flexible and highly able to work around most people's schedules.

We sometimes begin raids one hour in advance. (with prior notice and 100% approval from all those who have signed up)

Currently looking for modestly geared DPSers, (heroics and some 10 man, emblem gear)

Don't let gear be an issue with the application however, please keep in mind that we are still more than willing to get our members what they need to be efficient. However, we are not here to simply gear you just so you can do a 180 on us later. We are looking for the long haul. Please keep that in mind before applying.

Now that we are active again, we are clearing Naxx at a respectable rate generally 1 or 2 wings per raid night, including a quick Sarth and Arch clear.

Keep in mind we are not Hardcore elitist members, most are fairly casual to semi serious.

We are looking to fill a few more DPS slots for 10 and 25 man raiding. Core group is well organized and very well coordinated with substantial raid experience in TBC and Pre-BC.

Very dedicated raid Leaders in both 10 man groups, both with almost all current 10 man experience aside from Malygos.

Soon we will be pushing for the achievements in the 10 man versions. 25 man is still open due to empty slots.

You may PM me here to recieve the Online Application via this site's PM system or simply reply to this thread.
or feel free to inquire via guildlaunch PM to RialÚv-Valimaar
or simply inquire to any of the following officers:

Tank: Venn, RialÚv
Healer: Angoose, Dhemma, Arualluna
DPS: Freezebane, Finias, Djin
Raid Leaders: RialÚv, Aelthynn

I would also like to add, that we are not simply in existence on raid nights only. There are a high number of members online at any given time in the day, and highly active with dungeons, achievements, and PvP. Though we appreciate the serious and dedicated raiders, we appreciate an active, friendly environment a great deal more. Everyone is willing to help with whatever is needed, provided that they are able and available.

The environment itself is very laid back and humorous. We don't run things like drill sergeants, and we are not about to start. An easy-atmosphere guild is what we aim to be, and we hope to remain that way. Sharing a good laugh is every bit as important to us as downing bosses and we all share that principle. Which is all we can hope to expect from anyone else.

A friendly environment is what we strive to uphold, and on a server that has adopted the motto that "less is more," friendly players are above all, extraordinarily valuable to us. Just as they are extraordinarily valuable to the server community, which I would like to say, is one of the greatest and friendliest of them all, regardless of it's size.

03-04-2009, 06:34 AM
Post has been edited for priorities. Currently looking for any of the above mentioned class and specs.

03-05-2009, 11:09 PM
Edited for Changes to priorities.

03-09-2009, 11:26 PM
Updated for changes in Raid Schedule (now running 25 man)

03-11-2009, 11:27 PM
Edited for an immediate opening for a Retribution Paladin.