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Forged Fury of Maelstrom[RP-PVP] is recruiting a few members to keep our raids filled and prepare for the release of Ulduar.

History of FF:

Created in March 2008 after a break up of the guild Disillusion, FF was created on the basis of seeing TBC content on a casual and fun basis. As we started to progress out of SSC/TK and venture into Hyjal we started to think more on the basis of a hardcore/casual. During burning crusade we cleared all of tier 5 including Vashj and Kael‘thas, 5/5 Hyjal and 4/9 BT before the release of 3.0. After the patch we cleared the rest of BT and cleared 2/6 of Sunwell before deciding to prepare for the next expansion.

Why FF could be the guild for you:

We have a style that has been described many times as casual with hardcore intentions. Though we don’t raid on a heavy schedule like most hardcore guilds, we do take our raids seriously and expect everyone that is part of this guild to do so as well. Vent is normally filled with adult conversation and sometimes will make you fall out of your seat from laughing so hard. If this does not suit you, then please do not apply.

Raiding schedule and progression:

Our raid days are Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday from 7:00pm-11:00pm CST(also server time) with raid invites starting around 6:30pm.
We have currently cleared all 25 man content including Sarth+3d as well as other easy-mode achievements.

Current recruitment needs:

Enhancement Shaman

Several things we look for:

25 man gear with at least several BIS items
Proper gems and enchants
Full knowledge of class and spec
Proper reputation for factions pertaining to you
Proper rotations used and why
Able to take jokes and criticism
Ability to communicate on an intelligent level(we may conduct a vent interview)
All necessary mods for raiding as well as your class (DBM, Omen, Pally Power, etc..)

Application and contact information:

If everything listed here suits you and you wish to join us please go to forums.forged fury.com, set up an account and apply under the guild recruitment tab. You can also contact Lurid, Walters, or Sorciere in-game for additional information on certain needs

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bump - 10man 3D also downed