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Take it easy on the cussing and not contributing to the post. If you don't like the idea say so and why, but no need to make generalities and swear.

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Thought I'd open a fun little theory discussion.

How would the community feel should Blizzard suddenly do a U-Turn and bring back Crushing Blows on +3 lvl and ?? mobs.

How would this 'step up' Warriors and Paladins in their current sub-par progression tank roles? How would it affect Druid and DK's in having to avoid or 'eat' the Crush.

I know spells (i.e Sarth3D) aren't able to crush, so don't think this is anything related to that.

Just thought I'd throw it out there and see what responses it got.

As a warrior, I think it would be interesting, but they'd have to rework Shield Block again - or bring it back to pre-3.0 usage.


there's way too much confusion here and on the wow tanking forums. Nobody seems to know what they want or what the problem is, kinda sad watching the art of tanking going down the shithole.