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Greetings and salutations!

<DINOS GO RAWR> is a 'semi-hardcore' guild comprised of some of the best Kazzak's players, both in PvE & PvP. The core of the guild were first on the server to get the Undying title, as well as alliance first to kill Sartharion+3Drakes; unfortunately after some roster changes in our original guild it became apparent not everyone shares our values nor plays on the same level, and thus DGR was formed. We are now looking for several top quality players to expand our community and strengthen our raiding roster for Ulduar.

Before you read further, please realize that even though our raiding hours are shorter than these of many 'hardcore' guilds out there (we aren't likely to raid more than 4 days a week, 4-5 hours tops per raid), we are much more selective in terms of 'skill' and awareness we expect from our players than most. We want only the best from our members - but in return, you can count on us being awesome as well.

Our past and current progress:

x All tBC content clear
x All WotLK 10 & 25man content clear
x Glory of the Raider meta achievement complete
x Heroic: The Twilight Zone (Sartharion + 3 Drakes) complete

Our current & Ulduar raid schedule:

Right now, our main 25 man raid is on Thursdays, we clear everything in one night. We also hold a regular alt heroic Naxx raid on Sundays, and 10 man achievement stuffs on Weds / Mons.

On new content, we will focus on progress raids all 4 raiddays a week - Wed-Thu-Sun-Mon - with Fri-Sat-Tue being offdays. Our raiding hours are 1900-2330, obviously this can sometimes be cut shorter or extend a little, depending on player's availability and how the raids go.

Full priority will be given to new content, with main focus on 25mans - we will only return to farm content either if there's nothing to do in Ulduar, or people are bored and feel like shooting some zombies in Naxx on an offday. Scheduled alt raids will be held once again as soon as Ulduar is more or less 'on farm'.

Our requirements:

Above all, we expect our members to have an eagerness to learn and improve, and the drive to always be the best at whatever they are doing in the game - be it raids, PvP, or farming rep. We have no use for players who are content with being mediocre, or who just 'cba' bettering themselves.

Having a high raid attendance is important, especially during progress raids, and we also expect everyone to be mature and dedicated enough to plan their time in advance and at the very least being able to let us know they won't be able to attend X raid, not just missing randomly. We also do not want players who 'only play for progress' and stop showing up to raids as soon as things are 'on farm', or worse yet who stop showing up once they have the gear they want. Obviously this works the other way around as well - if you're only here for farm raids and not new content, we don't want you.

Previous raid experience isn't that big of a deal, as long as you can convince us you're good and a swift learner. If you've got the brain to realize standing in fires isn't a good idea, you're probably on the right track. That said, having killed Sarth with multiple adds is good. Having done some Sunwell kills pre-nerf, is better.

Gear-wise, we don't care. Seriously, as long as you have a reason why you aren't in full 25-man epics yet, you could be wearing full greens for all I know. Do realize however that we'll expect you to farm heroics / 10 mans / craftables very swiftly, and generally we expect all members to do their best to keep their char in top shape, both in terms of items and enchants, gems, etc.

Any hybrid classes, should generally be available to play more than 1 spec. It's highly aggravating to raid with poor setups simply because a priest is CBA playing Shadow, or a Warrior doesn't have a shield; this is not to say we don't care about your speccing preferences or something, but you should be willing to help the guild out if such a situation arises.

Most of the stuff above applies to raids, but we're also somewhat picky in what we want from our players outside of raiding hours. Generally, we are looking for outgoing personalities with broad interests, people who are fun to have around and who will take active part in our community, not just log on for raids. If you honestly don't care about anything than your 4 hours of killing pixels every day and then log off, this is probably not a place for you, no matter what kind of sick DPS you do.

The general idea is, this is a community of players who don't want to be anything less than awesome at this game; and we only wish to play with those who feel the same way - so if you're a kool kat in need of a kool guild, this is the place to be!


We do consider applications from all classes, but main raiding spots in our guild are limited - we do not recruit 'backup' positions or whatever, we only want active & capable players who will stick around with us.

We are interested in 1-2 healers of any class; ability to play a dps or tanking offspec is a big plus there.
We're also after a couple dpsers, ideally a warlock, a shaman, or a shadowpriest (although other classes would be considered too, both melee & ranged)
We could possibly accomodate 1 more tank, but being able to play a secondary spec is critical for this position.


If the above sounds enticing, don't hesitate to contact myself (Talmie / Vitrie) in game, or drop by our website - >:3 DINOS GO RAWR >:3 - WowStead (http://dgr.wowstead.com) ; our application process is very simple as you can see, but our trial requirements are high, don't say you weren't warned!

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