View Full Version : [H] TNE on Agamaggan-EU Looking for new raiders!

03-02-2009, 08:25 AM
Good day people!

TNE is a dedicated WoW community both on the social and the raiding side. We don't expect to be fastest in rushing through content but we do want to see the end-game and we do want master the harder content in the game. Now, in the slower times bearing of the Ulduar release, TNE has been in need to strengthen their raiding core.

As a guild we are focused on 25 man raiding where 10 mans are also frequently organized. All current in-game content has been cleared since mid January where at the moment a base of our members are looking at finishing off the "Glory of the Raider" achievement.

TNE and YOU:
- You should be at least 18 years old
- You are able to join at least 2-3 raids a week
- You can communicate well in english (text and voice)
- We value a real-life but expect some level of dedication to the guild
- We offers members, raiders and friends ranks.

- Our raiding hours are 19:30 - 23.00 (Wed, Thu, Sun, Mon and Tue).
- Your character should be lvl 80
- Your character has heroic / craftable items with gems, enchants, reputations with needed factions and professions
- You know your class, how to play it and are open to learn and develop
- We use Ventrilo (mic is preferred not required)
- A good stable connection ISP is required
- A computer that fits the standards of WoW

As stated, we have already cleared all available content, and we are now going to dedicate the long wait, for the next content patch, by building up a solid raiding core. We are still doing 3 drakes, both 10 and 25 man.

It's also worth mentioning we will choose a player over his gear. If you got the mentality and experience, other things can be sorted in time.

- DPS Warrior(s)
- Feral Druid
- Moonkin
- Resto Shaman
- Enhancement Shaman

Everyone that applies will be considered esp. if exceptional gear or experience.

So if you are interested, do not hesistate to make an application on The Noble Europeans (http://www.thenobleeuropeans.com) or contact an officer online!

Officer / Meat Shield Department