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03-01-2009, 11:40 AM
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Infraction: Whining
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Administrative Note:
The people I was addressing in the warning post I made in the thread included Lizana but apparently he/she didn't think so.

Message to User:
Please don't make multiple posts that all say the same thing. There will always be people who misread, misunderstand or disagree with you and you need to be able to live with that.

Original Post:

]I don't agree with this. I'm inclined to believe that the advice you're giving is based off your own guild's makeup, otherwise you would be open to another paladin speccing into Kings. To be fair though, I'm sure that there are plenty of guilds that resemble yours and the same could be said of mine.

Please look at the 3-4 times in the thread where i said if you have another pally that can spec to kings and you will have them 100% of the time that you dont have to spec to kings.

Just so everyone is clear

If you have another pally in the raid speced to kings then you dont need to be.

But if there isnt another pally speced into kings, it will not hurt you that much in the long run currently to spec into it.