View Full Version : Is Survival of the Fittest balanced?

02-28-2009, 07:56 PM
This thread isn't to discuss the recent reduction to the armor mod it provides, but the -6% chance to be crit with melee attacks. This talent is designed the way it is so that Feral Druid tanks can share a loot pool with Rogues and Feral DPS.

What I have been pondering is if it would be better for balance if instead of giving a flat reduction to critical strikes, if it provided defense rating for a commonly found stat on leather armor used by this group of classes/specs, say AGI. Example: Leather chest has 85AGI, it would then give 85 defense rating as well. Obviously the numbers would need to be tweaked to give an appropriate amount in comparison to tank plate.

The reason I bring this is up due to the fact that with the way Survival of the Fittest is currently it allows a Druid to wear resistance gear with less penalty in comparison to the other three tank classes.

The plus side to this change is it would give Druids more avoidance through the defense they'd be receiving. More chance to be missed and dodged would balance their avoidance with the other three tanks.

What do all of you here at Tankspot think?

02-28-2009, 10:06 PM
Well it wouldn't make resilience less important since a druid would spec into that talent either way, so making it could towards defense would only lower the crit chance maybe 3%. Also druids have good avoidance as is, they are pretty much neck and neck with warriors or any other tank. It's hard to tell as you are gearing up since someone could have gotten more of their BiS gear before you did. So my point is with that is we don't need more avoidance, any more and we'd have to nerf what we already have.