View Full Version : [A]<Censura>[Garrosh]Resto(S)&SPriest

02-27-2009, 06:02 PM
<Censura> on Garrosh is currently looking for a Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman and Resto Druid.

Basically we are just trying to increase our class/spec diversity before 3.1

Please app at Censura of Garrosh (http://www.cengarr.com)
We run on sat and sun basically 5pm EST to 11 EST.
10mans on Wednesday or Thursday 7 - 11.

We just implemented a new DKP system for 25man Uldaar and we currently just /roll for gear in 10mans.

We have Ventrilo of course and we are a serious raiding guild. 60% attendance needed for loot priority along with needed DKP.

We have done full 25man clear. working on 2d and 3d sarth. We currently lost a few members due to re rolling horde to play with real life friends.

PST Rij or BigWarrior in game with questions he is currently recruitment officer.