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My guild has cleared all of the current 25-man content and has downed OS with 1 drake. We started using DKP for 25-man content in Wrath and the results have been good. The one major problem we are running into; however, is that looting takes forever.

Our DKP Setup: Our Guild Master has a program on his computer that keeps track of the DKP everybody has earned. The DKP that everybody has earned is displayed in the Notes for their name in the Guild tab. When a piece of loot is available, an officer will link it as a raid warning and have players whisper them with their bid. It is auction style so the whispers keep rolling until somebody wins and it is announced in raid chat.

Example: To give you a sense of how long this looting process takes, last night we tried for the achievement of downing Maexxna 20-minutes after Anub'Rekhan. We didn't loot as we tried to move quickly. We ended up about 60 seconds short primarily due to some MC issues on Grand Widow, but in total the quarter took us ~25 minutes. Then it was time to loot. We had one officer go to each of the dead bosses and go through the bidding process described above. I didn't keep track of the exact time but it must have been 20-30 minutes before all the looting was done.

Help: I have to imagine there are some easy quick fixes that people more knowledgeable than I are aware of. I hear all the time how guilds are able to clear 25-man Naxx and then some in one night with little difficulty. I'd like to make this a goal for our guild but with the current amount of time it takes to loot I don't see how this is even remotely possible. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.