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02-27-2009, 10:34 AM
Bring Out Your Dead (http://www.boyd-rt.com)

<BOYD> is recruiting more late night/west coast players to fill out our 25 man roster. We have a very casual atmosphere except for raid time. Our raiding days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. We raid from 10pm to 1am central server time (8-11 pst). We focus our official raid nights on 25 man progression however there are plenty of members who run 10 mans on off nights. We are currently running 10 mans on Tues and Thursday then clean up runs on the weekends so there is an opportunity to raid 5+nights a week but only the 3 nights of 25 mans count as official raid nights.

We have members from all age ranges (minimum age required is 18), we have couples playing, some of us are married with kids. We do not tolerate drama at all. Please consider your level of attendance and commitment to raiding before you pursue an application with us. We expect our raiders to be able to make most all of our raids. Please do not apply if you have a bowling league on Friday nights that would prevent you from ever attending that night. If you have to miss every other Friday or something like that then we can work it out but if you know from the start you cannot make a third of our raids then we are not the guild for you.

Current Progression
OS 25 - working on 3 drakes
everything else is on farm in 10 man and 25 man each week

Current Recruitment
Below is the breakdown of class and raid role that we are looking for to fill out our 25 man roster. While we are primarily focused on theses classes, any excellent application of a class and spec unlisted will be considered. Be sure to read the guild charter and understand the expectations of a raider before beginning the application process.

Gear must be fully geared from 10 man raiding or better. Gear does not make the person but this late in Tier 7 there really is no reason a person should not be fully geared from 10 mans. WWS reports showing your dps are a bonus. We don't like asking people to leave because they aren't good. So, if you aren't good, please save us all the trouble and don't apply. Minimum sustained dps is 3500.

1- DK or Warrior - must have tanked all current content up to at least attempts on 3D


Ranged DPS:
1-2 Warlocks
1 hunter
1 caster that is not a mage or warlock

Melee DPS:
1 rogue
1 ret pally or enhance shaman

What we expect from you
Dedication - we do not over recruit so we expect our raiders to be fairly dependable. We are lucky enough to have several friends and family who do not raid full time to fill in when we have a no show but we like this to be a rare occasion.

Preparation Ė we post strategy guides on the forums well in advance of a new boss and we expect everyone to know their role for that fight. We use our website a lot and expect everyone to stay current on what is posted. We expect everyone to bring the proper consumables to maximize your role. Enchants on your gear are a must, mats are provided to raiders as they are available.

Vent with a working mic are required. You donít have to talk a lot, we have plenty of people to handle that role but when you get the debuff you need to be able to scream at anyone getting near you so they donít chain it.

If you're interested in dedicated progression and a fun ADULT environment, we are the guild for you.

For more information you can contact a recruitment officer in game.

Moode, Rhett, Triplesixes

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

Apply at Bring Out Your Dead (http://www.boyd-rt.com)