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02-27-2009, 09:14 AM
Blood Guard is a casual PVE/PVP/Raiding guild.
This means that we are a group of people that have prior commitments in our lives and cannot adhere to a strict 5 day raiding schedule but still wish to experience end game content.
Our raiding schedules will allow for greater flexibility for those who work while still allowing us to progress as a Guild.
Our roots are in PvP and while there is currently a strong focus on PvE due to WotLK content there are still many of us that will choose to PvP over PvE. As WotLK content starts to grow old these numbers will again swell. Long Live the Preform! (GMs note)

We are progressing through 10man content and are looking to fill the ranks for 25man

We are currently looking for 4 x healers and some dps. Please register on Blood Guard - Home - WowStead (http://www.bloodguard.co.uk) and make an application, if you so wish.