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02-26-2009, 03:06 PM
Zero Consequence is now recruiting skilled, active and fun members to join us and help round out our 3 10-man groups as well as our 25-man group. We are getting ready for ULDUAR!

We are fun, experienced, laid back and an overall great guild to be in (IMO). We are looking for new members who enjoy a drama free environment and like to get *!*% done while having a good time. We started as a very, very casual guild but are now getting a little bit more serious and could use some help accomplishing our goals.

Our guild already has many members of each class and is very confident in completing our raids on schedule, but we feel that we could use a few more active members to join us.

Currently we are looking for:

-Holy & Shadow Priests (3-5)
-Resto Shammy & Druids (2-3)
-Druid Tanks (1-2)
-Mages (1-2)
-Hunters (1-2)

Our Raid Times are as follows:

10-man Naxx (group 1) = Saturday @ 6pm Realm Time
10-man Naxx (group 2) = Wednesday @ 11pm Realm Time
10-man Naxx (group 3) = Wednesday @ 7pm Realm Time
25-man Naxx (only group) = Tuesday @ 7pm Realm Time
10-man OS (3 groups) = No set day, set up a week ahead of time on Calendar.
10/25-man Vault: Guildies can pug vault or do it with guildies when they please. No requirements.

We already have groups set-up but we all live by "Real Life > WoW" so there will be occurances where a few members cannot make the raids and we need these spots filled. No, you are not a "backup-raider". You will be a core raider. If the raids are all filled 1 week and you didn't get in, you are guaranteed a spot the following week in any raids we weren't able to bring you to the week before.

Loot System: We do not use DKP or anything such as that. We do classic RTU with Loot Council. For example, if we were doing a 25-man NAXX...this is how looting would go:

-1 Winning RTU per Wing
-1 Tier piece per run (not per wing, per full clear)
-As many offspec rolls as you'd like

Lets say you already used your Winning RTU in a wing..and something else drops in the same wing that you really want. You can only roll on it for your MAIN SPEC (IF, and only if) no one else rolls on it. If no one else wants it, GRATZ!

Zero Consequence isn't big on having a bunch of douchebags in the guild and they will be taken care of accordingly. As the GM of ZC, I do not want anyone in the guild who is going to:

1.) Argue in front of everyone in Guild Chat (Zero Tolerance)
2.) Spam/Yell in vent at ANY TIME.
3.) Get frustrated if someone makes a simple mistake and goes on a NERDRAGE.
4.) Gets aggravated that another guildy that isn't as skilled as you wins an item over you in RTU

.....you get the point right? Haha.

We have a 40-slot guild vent, a bank with 4 bank tabs (grab bag, Raid Mats, Enchant Mats, Gemming Mats)...and I am currently in the process of building our very own website (custom, not a standard template like most).

If you are interested in joining Zero Consequence, please PST any of the following players in game, or respond to this thread with your spec, stats, experience and available times to raid.

-Tragicrogue (GM)
-Kimaria (Officer)
-Givemerage (Officer)
-Nefiu (Raid Leader)
-Moonshyned (Raid Leader)
-Hoodwinked (Raid Assistant)

Thanks again for looking!!!