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02-26-2009, 04:49 AM

This would be my first post on ts, you guys have been the perfect guide since I started tanking in wotlk, however I would like some "face-to-face" information.

I have only played my DK for 3 weeks and this would also be my first weeks in wotlk, before wotlk i played a rogue, warrior and paladin, tanked mc-bwl as the warrior, healed mc as the pala and everything upto swp with the rogue. Now since rl and rogue nerfs have gotten in the way I have decided to focus on my DK.

My armory is as follows:
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Piepgras)

I am a few badges away from getting the first tier chest and the old kingdom gloves and the gundrak wrists are bound to drop my epix soon (been farming them for about 10 days straight.)

Anyways, when I have the before mentioned gear I have NO clue of how to improve since im gonna be above the 540 defense, 28k hp(currently have 26.5k in fp), 20-dodge, 20-parry, 28k+ armor, I want to move onto raiding asap since that's where the real items are at, but I still haven't figured out:

How well DKs tank mt/ot. Are we even wanted?
How my stats are supposed to look.
If my previous naxx skills are gonna help me in the current naxx.
Am I ready for raids?

I had been tanking as a frost spec 18/x/5 but two days ago i decided to go unholy (as armory shows) and I think I enjoy it more, but i'm VERY open to suggestions.

ps. Im missing a few enchants, rev argent crusade is inc (for the head enchant), i need some new rings. But the 5000g for epic flyer has priority (zzzz @ 60%)

03-04-2009, 07:19 PM
hey dude taking your gear what i see on your armory page you are fine for naxx 10 OT and all the other 10man raids like OS,VOA maybe maly if you have good healers... all i can say get that def up from 539 to about 545 just to be safe wont be hard.. one more thing play a bit wit that spec of yours like take Lichbone its very nice for cd's since it has a 25%miss when poped and for 15secs and so on. Can also go look at the tanking specs on TS for dk and get some more info might help

As for your question whether dk's tanks are needed i would say so taken i am one myself and love it especially with OS 3d where dk is the best for the role atm so yea gl with gearing up further mate and rest of WOTLK content