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02-25-2009, 04:37 PM
[A] <Casual>, Top 35 US guild looking for an excellent/experienced Prot Warrior or Paladin to join our ranks for Ulduar progression and beyond. We might also consider an exceptional Feral Druid or DK so feel free to apply as well.

This is a full time raider position, as such you're expected to meet our schedule and have the gear to jump into raids from day 1.

About Us:
* Top Alliance guild on Mal'ganis (PvP) (ranked #1 progression server)

* 1st Alliance guild on Mal'ganis to down 5-minute 10- and 25-man Malygos, 10- and 25-man 3-Drake Sartharion, and Sunwell Plateau (pre-nerf, including original version of M'uru)

* Successfully completed both Glory of the Raider and Heroic: Glory of the Raider

* Raid times: Sun-Thu, 7PM-midnight CST (during progression)

* Website: plzdontgank.us (http://plzdontgank.us)

* Founded in May, 2007 by a core of mature raiders who have been playing together since release. <Casual> plans on staying together through WOTLK and beyond. In addition to raiding excellence, we have promoted a focused team atmosphere in which each other's time spent on-line is valued and made worthwhile.

* We do not over-recruit. When a spot opens up, it is a full time raiding position. As such, we expect near perfect attendance from all members

If interested please visit plzdontgank.us (http://plzdontgank.us) and post an application in the recruitment forums, or pm it to Lidow if you would like to apply privately.

You can also try contacting Berra or any other member in-game if you have any questions. You can also find us on the PTR in the Broxigar (PvE) server.

Thank you

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