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02-25-2009, 06:17 AM
In preparation of Ulduar, Valhalla is currently looking to add more raiders to our ranks.


- We have immediate openings for tanks (1 Prot Paladin and 1 Warrior)

- Resto Shaman (1), Holy Paladin (1), Tanks (2)

Exceptional applications will be accepted from all classes.

Our guild has been around since the beginning of BC and it's leadership together since the early MC days. We are a well established guild with a good mix of people ranging from college students to working professionals. While we are more casual than some other guilds, we've consistently been one of the top 5 Horde guilds on Stormreaver since raiding began in TBC (or very close to it.)

We've cleared all current content through Malygos. We recently killed Sarth+3D.

Our required raid times for 25 man content is Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-11 CST. We start our invites at 6:30 CST.

The other nights are filled with optional 10 man's. While we do have people that participate heavily in BG's and Arena's our main focus is PvE content and hope to recruit people that will be available on these off-nights. (We don't want people who only log on to raid, then log off immediately afterwards and we don't see them until the next raid).

What we're looking for:

Attendance - We raid 3 nights a week. If you can't attend these nights don't waste your time applying. This is by far the most important attribute we're looking for: consistency.

Performance - Skilled players with some (25) man raiding experience. Preparedness. Gear enchanted with the proper gems, optimal specs for PvE, good situational awareness, quick reaction time. Motivated enough to familiarize yourself about boss fights prior to raid time.

Personality - We arenít looking for people that just log on to raid. We want people that will socialize, help out others and actively contribute in our forums. We value the social aspect of our guild just as much as we do our raiding.

Due to some bad experiences with younger raiders, we do have an 18 yr. old + age requirement.

If our guild sounds right for you, please stop by our forums and fill out an application. All applications will be accepted and reviewed. If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or another one of our officers (Patamon, Quillian, Thefranchise, or Miho) in game.

www.valhallalive.com (http://www.valhallalive.com)