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02-25-2009, 04:42 AM
We are currently recruiting:

1 http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/icons/iwarrior.gif Protection Warrior OR
1 http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/icons/ipaladin.gif Protection Paladin (pref able to play Ret or Holy too)

About Us:
Union are an old school raiding guild on Outland-EU server (http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/eu/outland), founded March 2005.

Pre-Wrath, we were ranked in the top 30 EU Alliance guilds (#56 overall). We achieved server alliance first kills on most of Sunwell Plateau, all pre-nerf.

We have already cleared all content in patch 3.09, inc. 3 Drake Sartharion (16th Dec 2008). We are currently working on 25-man raid achievements (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/outland/Union), with only the Immortal left before we can collect our drakes.

Union have a reputation for having some of the best and most dedicated players on the server, many of whom helped us conquer the original Naxxramas pre-TBC. We have a roster of just 30 players and have never needed more. Reliability and flexibility is what sets us apart.

You need to have good raiding experience (preferably raid at a high level before).
You need access to Ventrilo, and preferably working microphone too.
You need to be highly active, we raid 5 days per week, 7pm - 11pm server-time (Sun-Thurs).
You need to be reliable! We expect you to maintain at least 80% raid day attendance.
You need to be able to take criticism.
You will need to have good knowledge of your class.
Dedication in obtaining non-raid upgrades (badge items, heroic instances, trade skills, etc.).

We're not looking for someone who just raids and then logs off until the next raid! We're a complete social entity, even our alts do 25 man content together.

Our website:
Our recruitment forums are @ Union Guild :: View Forum - Recruitment (http://www.union-europe.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=22) although private applications can also be pm'd to james (me) or made in-game to my char, Hedera. If I'm not online, speak to my guildmate Asphyxia.

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Hedera :: Union (Outland-EU) :: Union :: Union :: EU Outland - News (http://www.union-europe.net/)

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Bump, still need a tank!