View Full Version : [A]Drak'Theron-US<Acclaimed> Recruiting for Ulduar

02-24-2009, 10:03 AM

We have been around for a few months on Drak'Tharon, and have cleared all content in game currently. Raiding days are Sunday - Thursday, from 9:00pm - 12:30am. We are looking to do acheivements in 25 man content, and are working currently on 2 drake Sarth. We like to have fun on off times and be serious when it comes to raiding. We have experience from good old MC days to all current content.

What We Require

We want anyone who wants the same goals and has the same asperations that we do. Players that also are capable with their class and are knowledgable about the encounters that we are currently doing. We expect you to be online and ready at raid times and to come prepared. If you like drama then you need not apply here.

Our Needs

2 Priests (holy/shadow)
1 Shaman (resto)
1 Druid (resto)
1 Death Knight (dps)

These are main raider spots and like always, all spots are open to be filled if someone comes along and earns/wins that spot from someone not preforming like they should be. Bottom line, if you are better than what we have now, you might take that spot. So exeptional players of all classes are welcome to apply.

To apply go to www.acclaimed.guildomatic.com (http://www.acclaimed.guildomatic.com/) or you can always pst Weeknight or Herxes in-game for more details.