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Vicious Intent is a Horde Side, Casual Schedule/Progression Minded Raid Guild, on the Eldre'Thalas (PvE) Server.

Our Leadership has been raiding since the MC Days through Naxx40, and our Core group has been together from Karazhan through Illidan.

Our Guild is made up of adults. People with jobs/wives/kids/lives, etc. We have a good core of raiding members. We are currently running 10 man content and short handing 25 mans, while recruiting. We have cleared all 10 man T7 content, and are currently working on 10 man Ulduar.

We are currently looking for mature individuals to fill out our roster.

We raid four nights a week, and encourage solid attendance, though we have no etched in stone attendance policy.
Our Raid Schedule is Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00PM till 12:00 Midnight Server/Eastern Time.

We expect our members to know their class/spec, and be able to research upcoming fights. I also strongly believe that Attitude>Skill>Gear. Skill we can teach, Gear we can farm, but if your parents didn't raise you right, I can't help you. Because of this belief, I would rather raid shorthanded, or even cancel raids then allow "bad apples" to hang around. Vicious Intent will never compromise it's Principles for short term Progression gains.

If you are a hard working, driven raider, who is looking for a casual schedule, then come check us out.

Current Needs are:
Death Knight : Tank - High, DPS - Medium
Druid : High
Hunter : High
Mage : High
Paladin : Ret - Medium, Holy/Prot - High
Priest : High
Rogue : Medium
Shaman : Enhancement - Medium, Resto/Elemental - High
Warlock : High
Warrior : Tank - Low, DPS - Medium

Exceptional Players of all Classes/Specs are encouraged to apply, and will be considered regardless of current needs.

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Hi Z,
Dauntless on Eldre-Thalas told me recently that they are expanding from 10 to 25 man raid guild. If the hours match, you might consider doing some raids with them; no idea what their schedule is.
Lyelu, Blue Moo

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