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02-23-2009, 11:41 AM
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Infraction: Whining, Insulting Other Members, etc.
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Calm down.

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You've exploded across this thread multiple times already and I've given you the opportunity to stop and rethink your posts. Since you continue to be aggressive towards members of this board who have been trying to better tanking classes across the board. If you want to read this "entire thread as QQ" as you have said many times before, then you aren't getting it. This'll be your opportunity to shut up and think before you make another idiotic post.

Original Post:
Right, so you removed 3 of my posts where I detailed reasons why most of your arguments are wrong and left all of the replies to what I wrote... Very nice.

I'll repost what I said so that you can delete it again.

Your argument regarding EH differences is not valid at all. It does not account for avoidance at all, so if EH was to be balanced, Warriors and Paladins would far and away be the best tanks for physical damage due to the ability to block.

The only way you can actually say "lulz that druid has tons more HP and is thus better for the job" is when you look at magic damage. The solution to the disparity of tanks in regards to magic damage is to give the lowest HP tanks the highest reduction in magic damage and give the highest HP tanks the least reduction in magic damage. This way all tanks can tank everything but end up doing it in different ways.

Most comments on this thread are from butthurt warriors who are just QQ'ing because they're no longer the only choice to tank things. Things have changed, you're no longer the only option and hopefully that won't change. If you can't handle this you should probably go and play another game or go and respec DPS as your views from pre-TBC are extremely outdated and frankly, very frustrating.

In regards to the comments I made about the Gunslot being overpowered. I have to gem a ton of defense and even use a resilience shoulder enchant because I lack the freedom of the defense on the gun. This is a problem that will only get worse when you get a new gun, as a Libram / Idol / Sigil will likely never give a static stat bonus (it never has). This is a major issue particularly as most of the comments in this thread want the percieved distance between warrior HP and HP of other tanks to be reduced, if this were to happen, the Gun would make the other classes even more limited in gearing.

I really don't see the point of this website if you're just going to delete posts that disagree with what you're saying.