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02-22-2009, 05:30 PM
Yes yes another Sarth 3d thread.

We have not completed 3d on 10 or 25. I am a DK MT specced 44/11/16 which I read all over the place is the best DK MT spec since 3.08. In 10man we have all movement, dps and strats down, the problem comes when I have to take the huge breaths. I have 32.5k unbuffed, Just over 40k buffed and then debuffed to between 30 and 32k depending on commanding shout etc etc, my healer is a disc priest.

Over and over again I get 1hit or hit to the extent that I can't be healed in time to avoid any followup melee swings or unexpected voids, I am just looking for specific info about being Mt that I cannot seem to find anywhere, I have 2 cds on 45sec and 1min which are guaranteed breath survivals losing hardly any hp, I have a 30sec hp buff everyminute which brings me to about 34/35k hp and with luck I can survive a breath with priests shield and if I was at full hp.

Can anyone please give me information as to how you worked these breaths, particularly if you are DK. I have no FR gear but from reading around that certainly seems to be a good option?

I'm sure you understand that it gets pretty tough after a few wipes when as MT I was the first to die and the dps and healers were doing great. From looking around I see that people with lesser stats have done it so I must be doing something wrong. Just any extra info on this particular aspect of it from your own experiences would be fantastic :)

02-22-2009, 06:04 PM
Uhhh try specing unholy for this fight..

Magic supression and anti magic zone are two of the biggest reasons people use DK tanks for this fight.. you trying to tank it as blood just defeats the purpose of your class excelling at doing it....

From the looks of it, that seems to be your issue from obvious looks.. :)

02-23-2009, 03:32 AM
Hi Klor thanks for the reply.

When I first looked into tanking sarth and realised the huge magic dmg he spews I planned on going in in my normal Unholy spec that I always tank with including of course amz and magic suppression.

With further reading though I kept reading the same thing on forums etc since 3.08 that the best spec was now a hybrid, heavy in blood for the talent that reduces damage by 15% if it was going to take you under 35% hp.

Again thought this spec isn't working for me even though it does for everyone else :P So I'm going to try the unholy build. Maybe with a bit of fire res gear? Any other opinions on this or on fire res gear?

02-23-2009, 03:35 AM
I've never ever heard of a DK tanking this as blood spec. Everytime I have ever heard of a DK doing it they were unholy simply because it offers the 2 extra cooldowns that the other classes dont have. Thats the whole reasoning behind letting a DK tank it..those extra CDs. I dunno where you've gotten the info stating that blood is the best spec for MTing sarth3d...but I think you may have misinterpreted it :)

Our DK tanks it as Unholy. AMZ and AMS are godsend versus sarth's breath.

02-23-2009, 04:11 AM
I found it in a few threads on these forums and on other tanking sites and wow o-boards, it is because it provides so much magic dmg reduction and a boost in hp compared to unholy for when you dont have a cd handy. here is some info.

"In the 10 man, it's at least a bit more difficult to stack for CD's. Combined with the fact that the breath caps out at ~59k before mitigation, it becomes difficult for any other tanking class to be as effective as a carefully spec'ed DK. This hybrid blood/unholy spec provides for total innate magic mitigation slightly less than the above post would suggest, since grace and BoS do not stack, and the meta gem actually increases resistances by 2%, it doesn't reduce magic damage directly - .85*.85*.96*.97*.97 = 65.26% damage taken. It's then a simple matter to get to a FR level where 20% resists are guaranteed, which brings that down to 52.21% - puts the max hit at basically 30835.

Now sure, that's enough to one-shot most DK's while the HP debuff is up... But, oh yeah, that DK can have Vampiric blood up for 30 sec of every minute, which not only gives enough HP to survive that breath without anything else, but also makes it far easier to heal. For the other half of the minute, IBF and AMS can take care of at least two, probably three breaths"

The Unholy build means no cd = dead. Since 3.08 and the buff to some blood or whatever it was means even with no cd the breath is reduced to be almost able to take a straight hit with resisting or being shielded etc.

02-23-2009, 03:28 PM
Our DK used to MT this with unholy, but after the patch he went blood. Very successfully I might add.

The only input I have on this is from my own pow as a warrior tanking him 10-man.
I went with FR head + cloak enchant and a flask of chromatic wonder.
Along with FR aura this put me at 20% minimum resist, which helped a great deal.
Once my shield wall and last stand were used, I was running on hand of sacrifice. This saved me most of the times, but not if I was unlucky. Still good enough for a kill though. Fire protection potion may help.

02-23-2009, 03:52 PM
hi mate you can also try specking as frost mt like the spec that is in the guide on Tankspot for if you want some more FR

i use this spec 14/52/5 frost and with that you get frost aura that gives you 80 res and also acclimation that will up your res to about 230 if im not mistaken,so that also nice as for hp you wont have that much as with blood but still works sweet.

02-24-2009, 08:35 AM
Completed :) With no issues on my end.

Went with 44/11/16

Got my fire res to 225 with aura, FR on cloak helm and +50fr from flask. Also spell dmg reduction meta and rest of gems and enchants purely stam except when needing to make sure to stay above def and expertise cap. Sarth would love to parry some of your attacks when his physical damage gets buffed.

My healer was a disc priest with a hol pally ready with hand of sacrifice and a topup heal if needed to make sure i was on 100% hp before breaths.

Did not start cd rotation until vesp landed. started with AMS and then IBF. Then I popped Vampiric Blood, This meant I had 35k even with the debuff and could stand a breath with no cd unless i was unlucky, however while waiitng for cd and i had the 30sec of increased hp I had macroed a /q to pala and priest so they gave me what they could in form of shield and hand of sacrifice etc. By the time my hp was back to 31k ish I had AMS and IBF was almost done so just started again basically :)

More to it than that really but hope the info helps someone :)