View Full Version : Sarth. with 3 drakes (a few questions)

02-21-2009, 12:03 AM
Hi :)

My guild is currently struggling to kill Sartheron with all three drakes still alive. We have done this raid multiple times with two drakes up; however, just cannot seem to pull through with three. I have recently watched the TankSpot strategy video for this encounter and I have a few questions. First I want to state that we are pretty much using the same strategy as outlined in the video and it is working well.

A couple questions I had that weren't outlined very much in the video were on the subject of adds. There are many times where we simply get overrun by too many lava blazes or whelps and half the raid goes down. Do you have a specific tank on those adds? I am a holy paladin healing this encounter, and the adds have been a huge headache for me. Currently our strategy is this: we have a prot. warrior solely focusing on picking up the adds that spawn. I heal with righteous fury active and stand on top of the add tank in order for them to be picked up easier. This works out fine until the second drake lands. There are times when so many whelps spawn that I am covered in them and stand in a void zone I cannot see. There are other times where I am so focused on sticking with my tank that I miss a safe spot for a flame wall. This has only been my second time healing this specific raid so I am still in the process of learning.

Is there another way to deal with these adds? I was to the point where I was feeling like more of a liability to the raid because I would die so easily. The next time we attempt this fight I will try the camera zoning macro in order to see the flame walls earlier, but if anyone has any other advice for me PLEASE post back! :)

02-21-2009, 03:15 AM
Use two tanks for adds. Helps a lot.
We use two paladin tanks for this, which is great because of their damage output. They normally keep the number of adds down by themselves.