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02-20-2009, 01:29 PM
This is kinda funny and I hope blizzard will fix it cause apparently you can tank sartharion with a voidwalker instead of a normal tanking class simply cause with the proper spec and gear a voidwalker can get over 75k fully buffed.. arround 60k with the debuff from the drakes that with their resists. With that much health the voidwalker can take both fissures and lava waves without any problems which makes the encounter easier on healers and on dps especially on 10man cause you only need 1-2 tanks max and you have one more dps.

Maybe I missed something but that is really stupid where a pet can actually 'tank' better on those kind of fights then other classes. Of course theres a few encounters you can actually use the void walker only cause of threat and movements, but blizz should really becarefull in the future cause this is very frustrating for a normal tanking class :P Especially for warriors and pallys cause for this fight most ppl use DKs and druids.

I'm in a guild who killed 3D on 10man with 2 healers and 2 tanks, I don't think we will use this exploit even if it makes the encounter painless on dps and healers.

Muffin Man
02-20-2009, 01:43 PM
I've seen the threads on it. I'm of a double mind here.

One one hand, the VW is basically tanking on autopilot. He's going to do bad threat (presumably) so it's a gimmick for a very non-threat sensitive fight.

On the other hand, the warlock's gearing is just as rigorous as the Sarth tank. It's not like any warlock can get his VW to 75k hp.

Then there's the fact that the warlock isn't able to actually dps the fight, at least not to a bigger extent than regular tank. He's sitting there health funneling and poping cd's to keep the VW up.

Also, 75k hp and pitiful mitigation... does it really make it easier on the healers other than removing the fear of a one-shot away?

I guess in the end I agree with you in hoping this gets removed. There's more to tanking than gear and survivability. To have an encounter tankable by a the biggest, dumbest slap of HP you can imagine doesn't exactly promote the need for tank skill.

02-20-2009, 01:59 PM
Exploit huh??

How is this an exploit??

Our guild used this to down both the 25 and 10 man version of the encounter. This was even doable prior to the buff to warlock pet health (as there are pictures of it) but there is now a little bit bigger cushion.

Is this easier on the healers?? Meh, not really. All it does is remove the 1 shot component of the fight and replace it with a pet who is critable and cant be placed very well. In the 10 man, the pet healer had large issues with running OOM due to the pet taking so much damage.

And really, you dont gain a raid spot due to the fact the warlock is geared just like a tank (all stam and armor) and does crap for DPS. he is health funneling the whole time pretty much anyways.

And this really doesnt make the fight that much easier. People still cant get hit by stuff, still have to have the DPS #s, and still need very good tanks on the drakes and adds.

Grats on killing it with 2 tanks, but dont come here and knock a legit strat. The fights a gimmick fight anyways, so why not CC Sarth with a pet. And VWs have been tanking stuff for a long time now, so dont get your panties in a bunch, GC already said this wont work for many encounters in the future.

02-20-2009, 04:19 PM
No, I'm just saying would you like to see a pet replace ur job on DPS or healing from a normal class even if the lock / hunter is geared for it. I agree it's a valuable strat kinda the same idea with warlock , boomkin tanks on KJ. I'm just asking questions, why a pet should replace a normal tank, you can do it it's not a glitch or anything the warlock worked for it (not as much as a tanking class imo) but do we want to see encounters like this, from a tank point of view.. no especially blizz wants all tank classes to be as much equal as possible.

Like I said most guilds use DKs and druids for that spot and it's a huge subject on the tank forums, the voidwalker strat is new (I think) and we will hear about it.

02-20-2009, 09:32 PM
This is something that Blizzard has said they will fix.

I applaud the first group to figure this out, but since that wasn't my group, we won't be using this strat.

My goal is to master the encounters without using bugs and exploits. Time spent learning a bug/exploit strat is wasted time because you just have to re-learn the fight correctly later.

Achievements and rewards earned this way are tainted and I want no part of them.