View Full Version : Best dps specs/glyphs [Help plx]

02-20-2009, 03:26 AM
I'm gm and raid leader of guild on Xavius realm, Eu. We are casual/social/raiding community, some setup not quite ordinary but for some of us hardcore time is behind us and we have much more RL obligations our own families, generally lot of things to do beside WoW. Still due to good knowledge of stuff ingame we succesfuly beated all Wotlk content. including 2D. Our tank team + half of the healers are pretty old game friends of mine and people I realy trust, and they are on top of their duties.
However, seams that our dps is falling behind.

What I need?
Since I lost bit contact with dps world, focusing on tanking and raid strategies only I can't pick it up atm. Would be nice if some of the people can link best dps specs/glyphs from you(r) dpsers outthere. I realy rarely ask for help but now it's realy needed, my guildies have top notch gear, missing only like 1-3 final upgrades but except one shadow priest and one DK everyone is pretty low, except on Patchwerk ofc, but I'm sure there is room for improvement even there.

this would be nice way to make list:

Class | Spec | Glyphs | Expected dps with top notch gear.

//Yes I did watch WWSs for last 3 days but there are so much different specs and gear and too many different guild aproaches/sinergies, add on top of it time needed to load every report - making me headache.

I would realy want to push my dpsers bit more to get some prestige achivements done :D any help is welcome