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02-18-2009, 08:50 AM
recently we have been progressing well in 10 man naxx having cleared spider,military (hate 4 horsemen) and we are now moving onto the construct quarter and probably the plague and further.
my main questions concern grobbulus and kelthuzad.
1) on grobbulus, should the OT take the slimes away from the melee and main tank? wowwiki claims they have an 10 yard aura dealing 1k dps and i was wondering whether this was neccesary for a starting guild?
2) on kel'thuzad, how much dps should we need in order to avoid the guardians killing the OT?
3) on gluth, what is ideal for kiting the zombie chow and should we use AOE or single target dps to get them down for they become dinner?

these are really the only things that are confusing me from the video guides.

02-18-2009, 09:26 AM
Here's my pov -- lots of ways to skin a cat.

1. I tank the slimes between grob and the range+healers, moving around as the tank on grob moves. I think its best to try avoid any aoe damage, but you dont want to be too far away (or in front of the tank) cos of healing etc.
2. No idea, depends on tank gear etc. Once you're there give him a try :)
3. We generally use a ret pally for kiting, but then we have them in abundance; hunters, locks, warriors can all be used. I'd suggest asking who wants to do it and letting them try. AOE is best, although remember to single target any singletons who escape early on.

Have fun

02-18-2009, 09:36 AM
1.) I always personally tanked the slimes next to grob, or had my off tank do it. Never noticed an issue doing it this way and that way if one spawns while he's got the debuff I can pick it up without it rocking the ranged in the face.

2.) I'm not sure what you mean by the guardians killing the OT because of DPS if he's geared enough to be a hateful tank for patch or MT patch you shouldn't have an issue with him dying to guardians unless he's standing in the red circles of doom. Maybe he's not mitigating enough but honestly I've not had this issue.

3.) In regards to gluth we use a ret pally in full tank gear to kite these and have a shaman put down earth bind and/or a hunter lay down a frost trap. Then just make sure the kiter is running the mobs around said hindrances. We also have ranged stack in the middle and he drops a consecrate on them should he lose any of them in the midst of his running around.

Hope this helps ya a little bit?


02-18-2009, 09:53 AM
1. I have tanked the slimes while tanking gro at the same time i think if you have strong healers you shouldnt have a problem, but if you are a guild starting naxx have your OT tank them a little behind grob or betwen him and your ranged DPS/Healers,

2. Has long as you have a healer topping up your OT while he is tanking the 2 Adds he should be ok as long as he stays out the Void zones and the healer heals him if he gets Frozen, or if the MT is confidant enuff he could tank KT and the 2 Adds and not get frozen at all, this is how i did it for our first KT kill, not at all on purpose but the OT didnt get out of a void zone and i picked them up quickly b4 they took out any DPS/Healers.

3. With kiteing the adds in Gluth, we have had a 2hunters do it withy slow traps and volly, and I have allso done it myself with a hunter laying down slow traps, i would say AoE is better has you can lay it down in the slow trap or has long has you have aggro on them all it shouldnt realy matter, and make sure u have MASS!!! AoE when Gluth does decimate has they will heal gluth if they get to him

Hope this helps