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<Somewhere In Time> (Alliance/Echo Isles server) is a progression-oriented raiding guild in need of a few classes in order to move into 25-man content, without having to "PUG" people in. We are a guild of less than 100 toons, including Alts, and have still managed to stay in the top 50 ranks on our server(according to Warcrafter (http://www.warcrafter.net)). We have a guild vent and a 5-tab guild bank (more than enough for under 100 toons).

Please also note that "SIT" is an adult guild. We like to "cut loose" on Vent and have no desire to corrupt young minds. If you are a "reserved" personality or perhaps easily offended, you may also want to stay clear. We get a little wild sometimes, but it's all in good fun. Things that get people kicked from our guild include disrespecting others in the game (Horde/Ally alike), and selfishness. We are progressing through content for the good of the group as a whole. Ninjas and gear-whores are absolutely not welcome.

Those interested in the positions below should have at least most of the gear available to them from Emblems of Heroism, and at least 3 boss kills in Naxxramas 10-man. Our server (Echo Isles) is a West-coast Realm. We schedule raids pretty much every night of the week to start between 6pm and 7pm server time. 25-man content is mandatory for those who qualify. Farmed content is optional.

Classes needed:
Deathknight (1 Tank, 1 DPS)
Druid (2 Resto, 1 Balance)
Shaman (1 Resto, 1 Elem, 1 Enhance)
Priest (2 Shadow)
Paladin (2 Holy, 1 Ret)
Warlock (1 Destro, 1 Afflict)
Mage (1 Frost or Frost-Fire)
Rogue (1 Assasin, 1 Mutilate)

All new recruits will remain "Initiate" for a period of no less than 2 weeks, at which time the member status will be evaluated. We use a Master looter when raiding, and we are opposed to the DKP system. We have a small, yet attentive loot council who are working very hard to make sure gear is evenly distributed for the good of the guild as a whole.

So, if you are interested in a very fun raiding guild, have a good sense of humor, enjoy team work, and are serious about your toon, feel free to submit an application at [ Home : Somewhere In Time - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://somewhereintime.guildlaunch.com) ] The site is new and a little empty still, but we do have an Application Link.

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