View Full Version : [H] PVE-EU Hellscream - Progress LF Raiders

02-17-2009, 12:24 PM
Progress is a end game raiding guild consisting of core members that have been raiding and killing Pre-TBC and TBC end game before the patch and we intend to do the same in future content.
At the moment we cleared Naxx 10 and 25. Sartherion 10 man 1 drake up and attempting Sarthirion 25 with drakes up!

Progress is looking for experienced raiders that at least can raid 3 times a week.
We raid on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 19:30 - 23:30, like any other raiding guild coming prepared is mandatory like food, elixirs or flask.

In particularly at high priority we are looking for druid and priest (CoH) healers.
This is mainly to progress and down Malygos 25 which we are attempting.

Are you a mature and skilled player, that has outstanding knowledge about his class and is willing to spend your time raiding and improving your gear meanwhile then Progress can be your kind of guild.

What do we expect from you as mature and skilled player:

Good English skills: spoken, reading, listening and written. If words like LOL LEET IMBA are your daily ingame vocabulary, I suggest applying elsewhere.
If you use your mouse buttons for clicking the spells in your spell book don't even bother applying.
Knowledge about your char. We are not here to teach you how to play.
We want you to be self sufficiency in game. We have bank tabs for consumables, gems and mats for enchants, this doesn’t mean you can be a low life scrub.
A positive social and helpful attitude is required, so no drama queen or loot*#@#*.
Stable internet connection and computer that can handle raiding situations. We can't afford wasting time for random DC's or people that can't see the green stuff.
Willing to install mandatory add-ons, like BigWigs or DBM, ora2, Omen, Decursive.
Able to use Ventrilo. Microphone is not needed.
If you are interested just drop by at Welcome to Progress - WowStead (http://progress-hellscream.wowstead.com) and make a apply.

Thanks for your time and maybe see you in the future.

Greetz Celesta