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02-16-2009, 04:46 AM
Hello guys,

I'm a fairly casual player and have just got my DK to a state i think i can begin heroics. here is my armory just in case:

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Twisting+Nether&n=Bleaktusk)

The problem i am facing is the fact i didn't do many instances leveling up, apart from the Nexus and UK... Don't get my wrong i know how to tank and never lost aggro in those instances. So i don't know the remainder of the instances off by heart which seems to be the problem, i get in a group, i tell them this is my first time in a heroic and ask them to tell me if any group of mobs or boss does anything i should know about.... then i get kicked.

The only reason i ask is so i don't make a fool of myself, whereas the DPS can just roll up without having being there and just smack things.

I was just wondering on what heroics you would recommend to do first, and should i bring up the fact i'm new to heroics or just wing it?

Or should i get some low level groups and go to the normal instances till i know them a lot better then come back and play with the big boys?

Many thanks for reading.

BT x

02-16-2009, 04:38 PM
Running the instances like Utgarde Keep and Nexus shouldn't be a problem for you. If your trying to jump into Utgarde Pinnacle, Halls of Stone, or Halls of Lightning, you're not likely to survive much without a well-geared and experienced healer.

A few things I would suggest:
Run the other instances on Normal before attempting Heroic. They're more forgiving and they still have gear that's useful for you, as well as get you familiar with boss mechanics. The Seal of the Pantheon (dropped by Loken in normal Halls of Lightning) is useful with it's defense rating, allowing you to swap in different gear for more damage output.
Most you'll only need to run a couple times to get the idea, as you can take them slow and have time to discuss strategy with your group. Violet Hold is different though, as the enemy comes in timed waves. Also, in heroic you have to refight every wave if you wipe, making some runs rather expensive. I would run VH on normal until you've beaten at least the water elemental, etheral, and voidwalker. The rest are pretty easy if you've read up on them (which leads to the next advice).

Check out your preferred site for information on instances and look at the various strategies and additional abilities of the bosses and optional bosses. (Like the whirlwind attack of the added boss in Nexus). Being able to say you've done the instance on normal and read up on heroic is a lot better than saying you'll need everything pointed out too you.

Keep working on your Wyrmrest Accord rep and start on the Sons of Hodir, as you'll want the shoulder enchantment.

Try and progress through the Heroics in a similar fashion to Normal content, as they are basicly the same, with a couple exceptions.
I've found Nexus and UK to be fairly easy now (have 4 manned with 3 well geared people, me as tank and the healer included).
Drak'Tharon Keep, only the first boss, Trollgore, is that hard (Consume and Corpse Explosions). With a good healer and low DPS, I've survived to 28 stacks before killing him(4-manned).
Azjol-Nerub is only really difficult on the first boss with the 3 watchers in front. Last boss is all about avoiding the spikes when he's underground.
Old Kingdoms is pretty much the same, just watch out for Shadowseeker if the sacrifice goes though, as I've been hit for 15k if I don't move away fast enough. As a warrior with a paladin healer, I've 2-manned the final boss.
Violet Hold is dependant on the random bosses, the floating eye and birdman are easy, the elemental and etheral, not so much.
Gundrak, first boss's snake adds can be a little problematic if you don't clear them out fast. The optional boss, Eck, always keeps me on my toes with his leaping and aggro wipes.
Halls of Lightning, Utgarde Pinnacle and Occulus were only difficult until learning the fights, though I still don't like the fight against Eregos in Occulus.
Halls of Stone is a pain mostly for the Brann defense fight. Everyone needs to be on their toes.
Culling of Strathome is difficult for the optional run, or if your healer struggles.

02-18-2009, 05:37 PM
Thanks for the tips on the heroics. I have VH immensley difficult on heroic as I wasn't sure how much the boss hit. Does anyone else have any strategies for heroics, as they seem to be hard to find on the web.



02-26-2009, 08:15 AM
[quote=damaleon;177531]Halls of Stone is a pain mostly for the Brann defense fight. Everyone needs to be on their toes.

As a DK tank this actually isn't too bad of a fight if you spec'ed 2 into Morbidity for the reduced CD on DnD. The CD on it is faster then the waves spawn timer so you can keep DnD on the top of the stairs and grab the waves as they come in.

To the OP, the ones that I've found hardest when pugging are those that require coordination of movements like Loken in H HoL. Trying to convince ppl that they need to stack up and move with the tank seems to be something that many dps'ers have a hard time understanding but it's kinda like saying "don't stand in black circles" and they ask why ;-)

02-26-2009, 08:34 AM
Most people are much too lazy and unforgiving to run with a "green" tank in heroics. When you're accustomed to being carried through by an overgeared tank why waste your time on a slow and painful run probably including wipes (which cost over 10g/piece when you're in epics)? I would agree with the previous poster you need to get all the best gear you can before thinking about pugging heroics. It's easy to carry an undergeared dps, you can carry an undergeared healer through almost any heroic, but you just can't carry an undergeared and inexperienced tank without a lot of wiping.