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02-16-2009, 12:09 AM
So i have been tanking heroics past couple of weeks and have been picking up quite a few pieces. I know i have 2 pieces of the Icebane gear on <chest and boots> but I was trying to keep my hp up. When i throw on my blue pieces that aren't built for just sta, i only gain about .3 or .4 dodge/parry so been sticking with that for 2k extra health. <and right now i have my healing gear glyphs>

I went into naxx last night and it seemed i just wasn't putting out enough threat? I have no problems in heroics but 2 or 3 times had people pull off me on trash. I have been trying to stick to the 6969 rotation. I belive with omen i was putting down about 2.5k tps at the most maybe 3-3.5k but i have been reading on here everyones talking about 4-6k tps and was wondering if i was missing something?

Currently all I can do is pug naxx and I do Vault 10 and 25m, and can tank all the heroics.
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02-16-2009, 03:04 AM
if you are a prot pally and someone in a naxx run is pulling off you i usually see it as one of two problems

1. U dont have enough sp
2. U dont have enough ap

remember with paladins the conversion rating is is (AP*.04)+(SP*.04) or something like that i no is decimal something with a 4. i found that if you at least 2500 total u wont have as much trouble included with armsmen enchant for hands of course. In the mean time i no that you want to have that extra stamina believe me i have been there but the extra str and the drop in the stam actually balance out. You get more block and avoidance which in short help you live longer. If you have to get the mace from Wyrmrest (revered) you wont have to worry about it

02-16-2009, 10:37 AM
I shall try this thank you i currently have 1808 AP and 623 sp, I have the armsman enchant for my gloves but i will drop some of my sta gems for +str. Also i have the epic helaing mace that drops from H Nexus so i will try swapping that in and see how that effects things. Thank you for your sudgestions

02-16-2009, 10:40 AM
Do not gear for Spellpower as a Prot Pally. Everything scales equally with AP. Strength and Block Value are your best threat stats, and using a tanking weapon will generally result in more threat through HotR than using a spellpower weapon.

That said, if you're losing threat, chances are it's something with your rotation.

02-16-2009, 04:54 PM
I'm sitting here with my mouth open reading "1. U dont have enough sp".
Welcome to 3.0.*, where Paladin tanks no longer need to gear for spell power.

I would check your spec but your armoury is showing up as holy at the moment.

If people are outgearing you in the Naxx runs, get a hunter or rogue to MD to you.

02-17-2009, 08:08 AM
Yeah sorry about the holy spec at the moment, I did try putting some str gems in my spare slots instead of my +24 sta ones. That seemed to help with my numbers as I went and tanked 2-3 more heroics. Before re-gemming I had almost 28k hp unbuffed but only 1700 ap. After re-gemming and changing a few pieces of gear I believe I was at 26.3k hp and 1800-1850 ap

Working on what Lore said i used to bind holy shield to mouse and just try to keep everything on a cd...Working on controlling the 6 sec 9 sec cooldown rotation, and not just spamming. I had just gotten the Red sword of courage was feeling all proud to finally get that...hopped in frist naxx pug i saw and ended up in group where 1 dps was breaking 4k dps and all the others were at 1500...was overall a poor group.

Thank you guys for your input and think its just going to take getting more expirence tanking things and getting a solid rotation into habit.

02-17-2009, 08:11 AM
ever since hand of reckoning i've been a lot more laid back in threat generation... start off the pull with your avenger's shield, then use your hand of reckoning on the main target (hand of reckoning is off GCD so you can cast it in unison with your avenger's shield) then use those 3 seconds of solitude to consecrate and get your holy shield up, and either throw down a HoR or a SotR depending on if you want to spread the love or stick it to the man

02-17-2009, 09:21 AM
/facepalm realization

OK, with the holy link hard to say, but suspect you're just understrength by a good margin. For reference, I was probably around 2k AP unbuffed for heroics, close to or over 3k in 10man Naxx. The icebane gear is just killing you there. Swap chest for either of:
- breastplate of solemn council
- Ziggurat imprinted chestguard

Swap boots with:
- tempered titansteel treads (I don't like these, but others do and they are very gettable)
- terrace defense boots
- sabatons of draconic vigor

Between those two things, you can easily pick up 100 strength which is 200 AP and 40SBV, not to mention more defense/avoidance/block.