View Full Version : Naxx 10 Man - Bugged KT?

02-12-2009, 01:24 AM
So there we were, about to do Undying again (getting the achievement on some of our other characters), and we get to KT. Easiest fight ever... right? However... the very first ice block he does hit's the MT and someone in the back of the room at the same time. We had one other melee who was not blocked (not even remotely close to the MT) and he was half of the arena away from the other person that was blocked at the same time as the MT (me).

Now, I know for a fact it wasnt a threat issue, was I was ridiculously ahead of the second place person. The guy in the back died. Awesome. So then the next ice block happens, and I (the MT) was hit AGAIN... and a Warlock in the far back of the room gets hit as well. The distance between us was so incredible, that it makes absolutely zero sense. We've done this fight over and over and over since Wrath released in both 10 and 25, and never have we seen anything like it.

There was no MC / aggro drop (was 10 man), I was still ahead of the #2 TPS even after I was blocked the first time, and yet it happened again right after.

Now, we thought we might have overlooked something, and figured we'd just come back next week with that in mind (even though we had never experienced that particular weirdness before). A couple hours later, an entirely different 10 man in our guild reported the exact same thing. Their MT was blocked and someone in the back of the room was blocked at the same time.

Has anyone experienced this?

I wonder if it's related to that weird little mini-patch I dloaded today.