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02-11-2009, 11:14 PM
**Note: This is only applicable for droods atm, mostly because im lazy**

Small project i was working on for my own personal use... so i could input stat gains from gear choices and determine which benefited me more on boss fights.

Just recently i decided instead of going through the trouble of changing values inside the code itself every time i wanted to check something, i decided to add a simple gui... and since that worked out alright, figured i'd make it into a .jar and upload it to my guilds forums... and finally figured i'd share it here.

I borrowed most of the gui code from an example on sun's java site and mashed it together with mine... so its really poorly coded, has alot of left over code that does nothing that i didnt remove, and looks meh... but it works!

Basically, you throw your tanking stats into the text boxes (along with a few key boss stats), choose how many logs you want to parse, and how long of a fight you want them to be... and it'll output a bunch of stats back at you (the most recent being at the top of the text field, you'll have to scroll up).

Also added an option to run the simulation with or without Savage defense, which should make it easy to compare fights with it and without it.

Future releases may or may not include other classes... depending on how lazy i am. I could also make it actually print out the actual combat log with timestamps and everything... but seeing as how you can parse 100000+ combat logs which have hundreds of lines each...

If anyone has any problems or suggestions on stuff to change, or something i did wrong feel free to comment...

**Quick note: I suggest slowly upping the amount of logs you want to parse... some older computers might not be able to handle the 100,000 in a few seconds like mine can**

Link to download on our forums (15kb .jar file):
Druid tanking simulator - Jinxed Forums (http://www.jinxwow.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=138&st=0#entry641)

03-27-2009, 01:20 AM
Now with an awesome "Armor Equivalency™" calculation, and lacerate proccing SD.