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02-09-2009, 04:03 PM
Our raid group made their first visit to Malygos this weekend.

After watching a number of videos (several repeatedly); I believe I have the movement of Malygos down so to properly have him so that DPS can do their job and so that the sparks can be properly stacked without affecting Malygos and causing unnecessary damage to the tank.

But a concern I have is around the spark aura. I realize that our first night with him, I was doing too much as the main tank; looking for sparks, trying to move Malygos, trying to build threat, and watch all the aspects of my raid in case we needed to brez/wipe/etc. I found several of my DPS were threat capped due to the aura and my lack of focus on my threat rotation.

I was curious what other druids who tank the 10 man flavor of this encounter do? Is there any tips or special tricks that you use in order to really get a good foot hold on your threat before the first spark lands and your aggro bunnies are hard at work ridding you bear bum?

A few posts and videos suggested Heroism right after the first Vortex; others suggested holding it until the start of phase 2 when you have the two Nexus Lords in melee range and killing them.

I'm wondering if its a better choice to use it off the get-go to help the tank get a considerable lead on threat by popping their high aggro/berserk type things at the start of the fight prior to the Sparks?

Any input would be much appreciated as we'd like to have a solid kill this week on our 2nd visit to him.

02-09-2009, 11:46 PM
From a tactics point of view there isn't much difference between any of the tank for this fight.

What's important for the Malygos fight, assuming you're Maintank and Raidleader, is that you let your Bossmod work for you. I don't especially enjoy relying on Bossmods, but for Malygos they can be a blessing.
Basically I only scan around for a Sparks once one pops and is anounced by Bigwigs. I then anounce the direction it's coming from to my raid. After that it's the problem of our DK's and Druids to keep it in place.

That way of working keeps my hands free to work on threat and movement if possible. I also tend to have everything that's cooldown related on CD as soon as a Spark is announced so I can just blindly tap away at GCD fillers.

Which brings me to movement. Now, I've seen loads of advice of this, but here's what works best for me. The first Spark that drops becomes the centre point for me. Once that's down I just move Malygos around that point as required, so as soon as I've spotted a Spark I just backpeddle around the Spark as needed. I only really bother moving if Malygos is right between a Spark and the raid. If the raid can see the Spark I don't budge. Easier for everyone.

I'm unsure if using big cooldowns in phase 2 will help much. The reason for that is that you have to move around, which more or less at least partially wastes the ability. Our tactic so far has been to use the cooldowns after the first Vortex to get Phase 1 over with as soon as possible. Nexus lords die pretty fast anyways, and although speed matters in P2 as well, I still think speed in P1 is more important.

02-10-2009, 12:27 AM
I am a resto druid with around ~2300+healing raid buffed and im thinking about trying BOTH achievements in 1 attempt. I'm turning to tankspot as a think tank to help me plan out a strat as to try it. Any help would be much appreciated ;) im thinking if we have mostly ranged, non fail players and we can rotate maly so that we can always have a spark, i think i can heal it. Thanks for your input ^^

02-10-2009, 09:50 AM
Thanks Eide for your input.

02-12-2009, 01:48 PM
We just got our first 10-man Malygos kill this past week. We followed the strategy from the video here on tankspot: the raid stayed in the center while I positioned Malygos on the opposite side from the next spark. Building a large threat lead is key since your DPS will close the gap quickly. I recommend building a full stack of lacerates than popping Berserk. If you have any threat trinkets use them at the start. Concentrate on spying the sparks, moving Maylgos, and building threat. It's a strategy that puts a lot of strain on the tank so don't take on more responsibilities until you're comfortable. Battle Rezzes and the like can wait until phase 2 and assign someone else to call out strats. I know even my mitigation cooldowns saw a lot less use with this strategy as I simply couldn't concentrate on my health or Maylgos's abilites as well as I'd like to.

I can't offer any advice on when to use Bloodlust. I did find that chasing Malygos toward the middle when he flys up before a vortex sometimes left me in melee range during the vortex. I never followed him to the middle in earlier attempts (when we were following the strategy that kept Malygos in one spot the whole fight and had DKs deathgrip sparks to him) and I don't think I ever wound up in melee range during a vortex.