View Full Version : Malygos 25-man Phase 3

02-06-2009, 04:05 PM
My raid's initial problem with Malygos involved surviving phases one and two, but once we learned these two phases and got to phase three, we hit a brick wall and died quickly.

There are a few EoE-25 guides out there, including the one at Bosskillers. That guide recommends a phase three strategy involving two healers per party, each one hotting up party members and then doing Life Burst, and a dps strategy involving two flame spikes and an engulf. I'd recommend reading this guide if your raid has trouble with Malygos.

I attempted to have my raid use this strat for our attempts, but it proved difficult for us. Eventually we figured out how to kill him. During the course of our raid I learned and otherwise figured out some stuff that might be helpful to others.

First thing is, I got frustrated trying to figure out who was performing in phase 3. I learned that you can go into the "config" dialog in Recount, and have pets shown in the main window. This will let you figure out exactly who is getting maximum dps and maximum healing.

I figured out who was doing well on dps, and asked them what they were doing, and explained to the raid how well they were doing by doing what they were doing. It's one thing to tell someone "Press 1 1, wait to 85 energy, and press 2", it's another thing to say, "Hey, this person out-dps'd everyone else by 3k dps during phase 3, how did you do it?", and they reply "I pressed 1 1, waited to 85 energy, and pressed 2". People want to do high dps more than they want to press some buttons that they don't understand and have been told will lead them by some vague route to success, so once they figured out that someone else was doing high dps they scrapped their own pet strategies or random button mashing and did what he did. Malygos' health started dropping faster in phase 3, because people were getting big stacks and keeping them up.

When I looked at healing, I noticed that the top healer on one solid attempt wasn't using revivify at all. I asked her what she was doing, and she'd either misunderstood or ignored the instructions. What she was doing was targeting the boss, doing flame spike twice, then doing life bloom at 85 energy. So she was doing the dps strat but rather than using engulf she was doing life bloom. We were going around the boss in one giant cloud, so she was healing the whole raid for horrendous amounts. This is incredibly simple since she didn't have to target anyone -- she could concentrate on being in the center of the group, not catching on fire or getting electrocuted, and just press those two buttons.

I gave people the option of healing this way or healing the way that the guide suggested. In two more attempts the boss was dead. On the kill attempt, the top healer used the guide strat, but the next 5 people, who were all 60-95% of the top healer, used the mindless strat.

It's likely that much of this isn't optimal, but the trick to getting to optimal is often getting some sub-optimal path to success and then improving it. Our path worked for us, it may work for other raids that have trouble with this boss.