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02-06-2009, 03:10 PM
I'm a feral tank and I seem to struggle with getting initial agro on multi mob packs. If they are grouped up initially and i just have to charge in i seem to do ok, and can hold on just fine. With mangle/swipe/lacerate/maul tabbing.

But if they are coming at me from different directions, or are initially standing distanced from each other i have difficulties rounding them all up before everything goes haywire and the healer is getting one shot.

I try to run in, demo roar and swipe as much as i can...but there always seems to be one or two stray mobs that get by and zerg the healers/ranged dps.

Without a complete aoe attack like Thunder Clap, what is the best way to round up multi mobs that are distanced from each other (i.e possibily out of melee range)? For example...Heroic AN with the initial pull..I can not seem to hold agro on all the mobs simultaneously.

02-06-2009, 06:46 PM
Yes some places are harder than others, due to casters standing back. In H AN, for example, I'll make the caster (the spell flinger) the skull target, charge in to him, then the other mobs will come to me. You can also LoS the pulls in there if that doesnt work - eg if the other mob groups or pats are too close. Thunderclap or consecrate will not necessarily do enough damage that a caster mob out of melee range will stay glued to you.

For beserk, hit it whenever its available, unless your working a single trash mob in which case its wasted. In terms of maul, you should get the glyph of maul (if you dont have it) then macro its usage into a lot of your attacks. I have it in mangle & swipe. That way, each time you use those attacks, you get a double maul thrown in for free. That is a ton of threat without ever having to think about it. I leave lacerate unmacroed, and I'll use it if I'm short on rage - which can happen in heroics. Maul accounts for 50% of my total damage in any instance, so it'll well worth trying to automate its usage. I still tab target when beserking, to ensure all mobs get a mangle if there's more than 3. I also tab target and lacerate sometimes, since maul's damage is increased by lacerates bleed effects. Good luck!

02-09-2009, 08:30 AM
I had problems with this at first too. I found my problems to be Rage Management and setup. Hopefully these suggestions will help.

Make sure you start off each combat with a good amount of rage. In order to swipe you need 15 rage. If you don't have that, you won't be able to get the initial swipe when you hit it and the mobs will run past you. To start off you should shift out and back into bear for the 10 rage (assuming you have the talent) and then hit Engrage to build up to 30. That's plenty to start a fight off. After that, try to go from fight to fight with a good amount of rage so you don't have to keep doing that.

For setup, I usually use Faerie Fire (Feral) on the skull to bring the mobs to me and get the initial aggro. When they come in range, Swipe immediately with a Maul thrown in there too, that gets their attention. For ranged NPCs, you'll need to find somewhere to Line of Sight them to force them to come to you.

I try to save my Feral Charge for when something bad happens. If that one guy gets past you, or another add joins the fray, its' better to handle it with a charge than to run after him slowly. Also, for mobs with knockback, it's great to reengage with.

As far as tabbing...I've never had a problem with aggro and I never tab target. By spamming Swipe on every cooldown along with Demo roar you should be fine unless your dps entirely outclasses you in gear. I tend to use Maul whenever my rage is above 50, which is probably 70% of the time.

Also, as the other posted mentioned, Beserk/Mangle is quite nice for small packs. If you have more than 4 mobs on you, Swipe is still the best way to hit everyone. The point is that you have enough tools available to keep aggro on most things unless there is a gear issue, in which case you need to fix that first.

In order to setup for the next fight, as the pack of mobs dwindles down, you'll find that rage is harder to generate and you can no longer spam your Maul. Try to keep your rage above 50 so that when the combat ends you have plenty left to start the next one.

Also, in your example for Heroic AN... Don't forget the Skirmishers enrage and you cannot do much about that other than bash. It's best to have some other class that can help out (Hunter with Tranq shot, or a rogue, or even a mage sheep) to keep them in line. You can't taunt those guys, and that's not an aggro issue.

I'm not saying you should just Swipe and Maul, you have other things to help contribute to dps. I'm just trying to help you out on aggro issues.

02-11-2009, 10:47 AM
All tanks have their weak points and loose adds and pulling casters are two of ours. VH, HoS, AN, and UP are just some of the Heroics that have encounters that can give druid tanks fits without a solid plan in place.

First, as Gerronimo pointed out the Skirmishers in AN will drop aggro and attack a random member of your party after a few seconds. There's nothing you can do to keep aggro so it's best to burn them fast. If that's the main encounter you are having problems with, well there's your reason. For other loose adds you have to use everything in your toolbox:

1. Fairie Fire can be used to get initial aggro on one mob.
2. Taunt can drag another mob back to you.
3. When picking up mobs that don't have initial aggro toward you (mob packs from the portals in VH, for example) Demorilizing Roar will get intitial aggro. Try to position yourself so you will attack mobs from the side as they run by. If your first swipe misses you have a chance to catch them with a second swipe. If you face the mobs straight on they will be behind you by the time your second swipe is ready.
4. Do your best to go into each fight with rage. This is usually as easy as dropping Maul from your rotation at the end of a fight.

For caster/ranged mobs:

1. LOS is your best friend. Know the corners that will grant you this tool and use them.
2. Use your party's abilities. A DKs Death Grip is a fantastic tool, make it work for you. Example: the platform in Nexus with 2 dragonkin melee and 2 casters can be a bit of a pain. The casters don't want to move but are two far apart to tank both at once. Meanwhile they all hit hard so you need to generate a good amount of threat right off the bat to keep them off your healer. With a DPS DK in my group I charge in on the second-kill caster and start swiping to catch the melee. Meanwhile I have the DK deathgrip the first-kill caster to me and taunt him off. If you don't have a DK any silence ability can also bring a caster to you. And while CC isn't used much anymore it can be handy to get a tricky pull under control at the start.
3. Worse case scenario: no CC, no silencing abilities, no LOS opportunity, nothing. Be creative. In that same Nexus encounter I've FFF the first-kill while running toward second-kill, swipe and maul to grab aggro on the the second-kill and melee, then charged back to the first-kill to pick him up. I don't even tell the DPS to hold off since I can just taunt him off whoever he might be attacking.

There are other little tricks you can use depending on the specific encounter. Picking up loose adds isn't a druid's strong point but, with some work and knowledge, can be done well.